Mayor Of Manila: Atienza To Push For Housing, Peace And Order, And Education

By: Joel Dumayog | Posted: 16th March 2010

Former Manila mayor Lito Atienza will continue his commitment in serving his beloved city and dearest Manilenos. The former mayor of Manila has decided to join the Manila elections to continue what he has done for the city and its residents after completing a full nine-year term. The only mayor of Manila who has served a full term, Atienza will seek another three-year mandate as city mayor to fulfill his dream of providing the Manilenos with a city that they can truly call their own and which they will care for. Atienza one of the most admired leaders of the city, promised to continue his livelihood programs and effective delivery of other services which has benefited much of the city's impoverished residents during his stint as city mayor.

Being a true statesman and a public servant, former Manila mayor Lito Atienza's platform "Buhayin Nating Muli and Maynila" is centered on the welfare and development of Manila's residents. One of the primary priorities of the former mayor of Manila is improving the local government's delivery of basic social services.In light of this, Atienza has bared several programs and flagship projects, all of which are designed to benefit the poor residents of Manila. These programs and projects cover a wide array of social areas and includes programs for housing, healthcare, peace and order and education.

Under Atienza's administration, Manila's poor residents were granted with free housing and land ownership under the former mayor's housing and land for the landless projects. By working closely with non-government organizations like Gawad Kalinga and Habitat For Humanity, thousands of houses were built in Baseco, a 50-hectare reclaimed area dedicated for the city's housing programs.Atienza also plans on pushing for the same massive housing projects in Manila's impoverished sections including Isla Putting Bato, Parola 1 and 2, among other. Middle class families will also gain access to affordable housing programs to be launched by Atienza.

Health care services is also among the foremost concerns of former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza. Atienza has outlined his plans to increase the budget allocated for the procurement of medical equipment and medicine to improve the delivery of healthcare services. "Sama sa Masa", a priority project of Atienza wherein doctors conduct free medicines and checkups to every barangay of the city; will also be sustained. Atienza will also provide Manila residents with free dental and eye care.

Improving the peace and order situation in the city will also be one of Atienza's immediate priorities.Atienza believes that illegal drugs are the major culprit of crimes in the city. As an instant resolution and to lower down the city's crime rates, Atienza has promised to run after drug syndicates and criminals. Atienza is optimistic that he can provide Manilenos with a peaceful environment wherein anyone can live without fear and unmindful of their safety.

Atienza also believes that quality education is the key for poverty alleviation and upliftment of the lives of the impoverished. Atienza vowed to continue providing public school students with free education, school supplies and even school shoes.Manila's public universities like Unibersidad de Manila and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila will also be improved and strengthened to provide the city residents with an affordable college education. Atienza also plans to bring back his non-formal education program wherein unemployed parents and out of school youth can complete their degree in a short time.Under Atienza's flagship program called Alternative Education, high school students can avail of vocational and technical courses which can help them with their employment. Scholarships and other subsidies will also be continued as part of the former mayor's platform for education.

Former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza has pledged several programs for housing, peace and order and education which are designed to benefit the city's impoverished. The former mayor of Manila has joined the Manila elections and vowed to continue to be committed in uplifting the lives of the city's impoverished residents. Atienza plans to focus on several programs which are designed to improve the delivery of basic services which will benefit the city's poorest residents.
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