Into Child Psychology: Compensating the Needs of the Youth

By: Emma G. Fox | Posted: 10th March 2010

It is interesting enough to work at a temporary shelter catering to less fortunate youths. The best part of it was not just by merely being part of their lives but them being part of yours. There is this certain excitement as they smile and hug and tell how their day was. However, there instances that worry takes in as to whether you are can cater to their needs and meet the demands without them telling you what about it.

At times these children are unaware of what's wrong with them.

All they can think of is how unfortunate they are.

Sad truth is we focused too much on their material needs thinking how deprived they are. Emotional needs are met through caring attention. There are however other needs that should be met in order for the child not to end up as an adult having undesirable attitudes.

Background check is not just done on children living in such institutions for the sake of learning about their families and if they really are in need of help. This is done to learn more as to why the child has a certain attitude that may bring negative results to him or her in the future.

At times we may get annoyed by the lying habits of a certain child. She may see this as somewhat a great way to cover up for mistakes. There may also be instances where she involves herself on problems that are actually not for her to divulge in. She tells this problem to the adults, or say sorry to someone instead of the co inmate who is involved. This is her way of asking for attention. There are chances that certain needs were not met as a child and that family has even exposed her to situation that made her that way. Not being able to understand this will bring her to believe even her lies.

Here's a situation: There are two girls named "Stephany" and "Gia". They are ages 13 and 5. One thing that yours truly has noticed on Gia is that she is she can't stop from eating. At the Christmas party last year, she concentrated her attention to the bowl of chips on the buffet table rather than watching the program. An older sister (co inmate) took the bowl away from her as she sees this not due right for the Gia who has eaten a lot, however Gia did follow to where the bowl was taken and ended up finishing the contents by her. Stephany on the other hand is a skinny girl who limits her food intake less than what is necessary. She at times doesn't eat snack or is choosy with the food she eats.

Both girls manifest certain traits best explained with their oral needs. Gia's oral stage was not compensated well enough thus ending her in a certain characteristic where she needs to eat and eat and eat. With Stephany, who was in the institution since she was a new born babe, grew up being compensated (and I mean well spoiled) by the people there. Her oral needs were well met. There are still reasons as to why she ended up lessening her food intake: she was conscious of her appearance. She had gained this attention to her looks due to her experiences with her mother when she was with her for summer.

They are kids that ask for attention not just because they are deprived by love and material things. Court records have files of adoption children being abandoned by their parents (sadly there are files which are also showing the darker side of youth turning into criminals due to deprivation). They are in need of guidance to face the world ahead.

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