How To Quit Drinking With Tender Loving Care

By: Dan Feildman | Posted: 09th March 2010

Well at last you have decided to quit drinking and you want to know how it can be achieved without suffering too much. You might think that there is no way in hell that you can quit drinking, but yes you really can make it. You can beat all those incredible frustrations and insults that alcohol has made you face up to. So go ahead and sell all those bottles and go straight to the "One Dollar Shop" and get a couple of Coffee mugs instead. They look a lot more desirable than those poison alcohol bottles do.

Relapse is always staring at you right in the face; You may be sensitized by the glamour of the bottle in the commercials, your friends partying around, and you may be tempted to go back again. It is a common happening. Many people fall back at least twice in relapse in their attempt to quit drinking. Be strong willed. Be clear that you are going to quit and don't falter from that idea! Imagine if you go on like this your parents will very soon run short of funds for their medical insurance, your wife will have to work part-time or full-time to make ends meet; your children may have to leave their private school education... Basically things can go wrong very quickly!!!

You may be sacked for nonperformance by your employer. You may develop a low self-esteem. The credit bureau may be behind you. You may loose all your valid social proof to get a personal loan, car loan, home loan. Can you imagine living without money or without a source of income, hungry stomach! Gosh! You better don't be tempted.

Nobody will laugh at you over your decision to quit drinking. They will support you and care for you more. Communicate to others that you have decided to quit drinking. Tell your friends, love, spouse that you are going to quit drinking. Get tips from them on how to quit drinking.

Beware!!! Quitting alcohol can kill, so make sure you seek professional help. Contact your physician for any medication. This indeed can help you be serious and strong willed towards quitting alcohol, and professional help really is the best possible way out. Your doctor will be experienced to analyze your real motives to quit drinking. Chronic drinkers may experience withdrawal symptoms, which does require professional help.

It is a common happening that many alcoholics just avoid the idea of quitting alcohol. Having failed multiple attempts you might be ashamed to declare time and time again that you are going to quit drinking. Alcoholic Anonymous is a very good solution if your have faced any of these barriers. The people at AA will help you; motivate you, to quit drinking. All you need to do is register with them and declare you want to quit. The rest is assured. They are behind you! You will be so surprised just how much they care about your sobriety even more so than your do.

You can see it really is a steep climb to achieving the goal of an alcohol free life, but with the support of the people you love around you, that goal soon becomes a reality. Believing in yourself is half the battle too, so make the final decision today and quit drinking for good.

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