Vitamin Rich Food - And its Rich Source?

By: Vijay Koragappa Shetty | Posted: 05th March 2010

Your body requires a lot of nutrients for its cell growth, regeneration and repair. Similarly mineral, potassium and zinc are quite vital for your body. Most important fact about nutrients which are not known to all are the Vitamins. They help you in several ways such as repair and regeneration, formation red blood cells, formation of anti bodies to fight against diseases etc.

You can read its functions in detail:

Cell and tissue regeneration: It is helpful for a healthy existence of your tissues and cells. It eases oral cancer, safeguards mucous membrane of the throat, mouth, nose and lungs. It helps fight against blindness especially the one in the night.

In order to covert food into fat and carbohydrates, they play a vital role. It also controls your body's metabolism. In order to build your bones and tissue, along with calcium you also require Vitamins.

Makes your skin glow: Your skin can be maintained healthy with a good intake of this essential nutrient. It helps your skin glow by retaining back the moisture in them. You know the secret behind a moist and supple skin. Do not miss out on this, eat plenty of oranges, goose berry which provides you the C category of this nutrient.

Over all health: Your skin, nails, eye sight and hair follicles require this nutrient in plenty. It helps in building up red blood cells which is vital for your very existence. The disease fighting anti bodies can be supplied with this nutrient. If you have enough supply of this, your immune system will work better and keep you away from diseases.

• Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables
• Fruits and salads
• Milk products, cheese, soy milk etc.
• Fish, prawns and poultry items
• Whole grains, sprouts, cereal and wheat germ etc.

E category is an anti oxidant and it works with selenium and has a powerful action against free radical damage. It also helps the skin retain moisture. Premature wrinkles, pale skin, acne, easy bruising and slow wound healing may indicate a deficiency.

Good source: Vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, peanut butter, wheat germ, whole grains, avocados and sweet potatoes.

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