Factors Affecting The Environment – Role Of Young Leaders?

By: Arush Keerthi | Posted: 22nd February 2010

One must know about the environmental pollutants which contributes to health problems and has raised other concerns internationally. It is important to get globally co-ordinated responses in order to arrive at a pragmatic solution. Industrial waste management, water management, extinction of species, deforestation issues and socio economic concerns are all inter linked.

Industrial and farming activities:

These are hazardous chemicals used in the fields and in an industrial set up which have contaminated air, water and soil. There is a need to find a proper dumping place for all these so that it does not contaminate the water we drink, the air we breathe in and the soil we use to cultivate. It has affected the very sustenance of mankind.

Global warming:

Ground level ozone has affected the lungs and has caused serious breathing problems. Global warming are the weapons of mass destruction. If these are not attended at right time they may lead to the end of this world. An international platform will provide a frame work for discussion. Gain a better understanding of how it affects the environment in order to find a solution.

Young leaders should get together on this international platform and share their views in order to arrive at a solution to all the international concerns. In some areas ground water is contaminated with nitrates, pesticides, micro-organisms (bacteria) and seawater. It could be the agricultural waste or the industrial ones which are contaminating the ground water. Probably, if we come out with a right dumping ground to all these wastes, the problem could be fixed appropriately.

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