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By: Israil Khan | Posted: 12th February 2010

We basically use two types of phones, one of them is Analog phone and the other is digital phones. Analogs use a technology which transforms air vibrations into an analogous electrical frequency. Although VOIP and cell phones have been introduced, but still the analog technology is in high demand as many homes and offices still rely on analog phone. The main advantage of analog phones over digital phones are that the digital phones are expensive than analog phones. Whereas Digital mobile phones compensate this drawback by providing cheap call rates compared to analog phones. There are phones which provide the feature of switching between analog and digital modes thus; these phones combine the advantages of both modes.

A Hotel phone is one of the analog phones which are basically designed to use by the hotel industry. There are various types of hotel phones available such as single line hotel phones, hotel phones with speaker, 2 line analog speaker phone, hotel lobby phones and many more which are most commonly used by the hotels. There are areas where we can not ignore the importance of analog phones and hotels are one of them. Hotels are big user of analog phones that is why analog phones are still in great demand.

There are many companies which are manufacturing hotel phone depending upon the need of hotels. They are available in various price ranges depending upon its features. You can explore these phones on internet and can order the phone which will serve you best.

Hotel phones are one thing which hotels need, but they also depend on computer systems to maintain data and keep records. Thus; to keep computer systems working they require uninterruptible power supply. This non stop power supply keeps your computer system working for 15-30 min or more after power cut allowing you to save your important data. There are many types of UPS available and you may choose one of them which suit your requirements. Uninterruptible power supply is one of the important hardware which one should keep in mind while purchasing a computer system.

So, it is very necessary to provide back up to your computer system with the help of Uninterruptible power supply. And it is equally important to choose right type of phone whether it is analog phone or digital, select the phone which serves you best. Making right use of technology can make you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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