Celebrity News and Gossip as a Tool to Publicity

By: sudhir | Posted: 11th February 2010

It is true, that the celebrities keep on ranting over the different online websites and tabloids for publishing the spicy gossips and in turn exposing their personal lives but on the other hand it is also true that it is the celebrities who often indulge in the exposure of the various celebrity news and gossip . The main objective happens to be promoting the star image and their work before the public. Many of the celebrities are mere media junkies and it is beyond the view of the common people, an invisible contest goes on for getting space in the pages of entertainment news. It often turns out to be a celebrity passion to let him/herself to be the most talked about individual.

You must be well aware of the different paparazzi scoops and must be ardent devotees to those tantalizing latest celebrity gossips . One thing to tell you about is that, never discard the idea that all these tempting tit bits about the life of your favorite celebrity might just be the plots staged by the person in reality. It is after all show biz and everything is fair over there for the sake of gaining fame. .

The portals showcasing the bulk of latest celebrity gossip news most of the time leave behind the factor, which will make the celebrity, the center of attraction for the time being. Thus they often look at the portals with sufficient interest. It indeed serves as a great platform for them to interact with their fans and listen to their views, without paying a single cent on Public Relation activities. .

The fact, most of the fans are interested on is possibly the romance between the celebrity pair. If something like this really happens then it is no doubt breaking news in the entertainment domain. The movie enthusiasts are always head over heels to discover newer developments in the love life of their favorite celebrity couple. Another subject of interest of the people is that whether the reel life couple of the upcoming blockbuster is going for real time dating or a steady relation. The scoop gains enough elements to have a strong base. Till the movie releases, the story spread like a wild fire and hence play an important role in making the movie a major hit. It act as the most important factor to create the hype, which at least make way to the sale of the tickets on the first day first show. So, if the fact turns out to be that, on the first weekend of the movie, the movie can recover the production cost then it is obvious that the rumors have done its job. .

It is not always true that the various celebrity news and gossip are always used for wrong purposes. Often you will also be able to find that some celebrity is fighting for a cause through the gossip section of the leading media. Then it turns out to be the platform for them to appeal to the public in order to gain their support on the matter. The A-list celebrities and the stars from the tinsel town get involved in the rumor columns or the page 3 in order to derive more coverage of the media, fan's contribution, sponsors and other attribute.
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