Keep Your Child Safe from Death or Injury with Window Guards and Stops

By: | Posted: 10th February 2010

Expectant parents begin preparations for baby's arrival months in advance with purchases of baby clothing, baby equipment, etc. Babyproofing thoughts or actions begin as well. Breakables are put up high, cabinet locks are purchased if not installed, etc. Parents try to protect their children in advance of developmental milestones such as rolling over, crawling and walking. Sometimes forgotten is that children climb on furniture near open windows or that windows low to the floor are not protected by flimsy metal mesh screens. Installing window guards and/or window stops is not a substitute for adult supervision of children. However, childproofing with window guards means that children are kept much safer while the family can enjoy cool breezes.

Window safety guards come in two kinds, egress (escape) that are removable or open and security ones that are permanently installed and not removable unless one drills out the retaining screws. Guardian Angel escape child safety window guards have bars that telescope to connect to side bars, snap into place and are removed by pushing in a pair of lock buttons to release from one side bar and then the second. John Sterling guards swing open for escape or window cleaning after an adult or older child pulls on a release to remove a safety latch pin.

Keeping children, pets and some senior citizens safe from falling through open windows means either covering the entire window with window guards or keeping the window from opening more than 4 inches beyond the guard using a removable or permanent window stop. Suction cup window stops install on either side of the window lock for windows that open up and down. Or use for sliding doors or sliding windows. Use removable velcro installed window stops in window tracks to keep an unprotected window opening 4 inches or less.

Use window guards individually or in combinations to protect all type of windows. John Sterling window guards and Guardian Angel window guards are tested to withstand up to 150 pounds of force if they are properly installed. Use them to protect sliders, casements, double hung, single-hung and other types of windows.

Local building codes should be checked before choosing window guards. Most codes require egress or escape type guards in bedrooms. Over 15,000 children fall from windows in the US every year. Over 100 deaths occur along with severe and less severe injuries. Window guards and window stops are an important part of home safety to protection your children.

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