Early morning photographing tips

By: arvind | Posted: 09th February 2010

It is a renowned fact that all of us know that there are only two times where we find the light most perfect for taking spectacular photos i.e. sunset and sunrise.

Only on sunset and sunrise, we find the angle between the earth's surface and sun is smaller than the other times of the day. Therefore, it allows the light to emerge over landscape by intensifying the natural colors and creating the amazing shadows.

So here are some tips that would help you to plan your sunrise shot, thus you won't miss a perfect click:

1.Wake up on time, set your alarm clock so that you can have enough time to go to your shooting location.

2.Check the forecast of weather so that you would be having an idea at what time would be the sunrise.

3.Ensure that all the batteries of your camera are charged and if it is possible, it is advisable to carry another one with you.

4.Check your bag and make sure that you are carrying all the required things at the shoot for example tripod, lenses, filters, camera body etc.

Knowing the location of your shoot

At times many people ignore this point but it is a very significant aspect while planning your shot. It is as important as carrying your camera along with you on the shoot. You just need to spend 15 minutes before you plan up the sunrise shoot, so that it would help you to save the time in the morning. Just simply have a look at the area and simply see the locations where you want to click photos.

Enjoy the time

No matter whether you are a professional photographer or just doing photography as your hobby, it is important at the end of your day that you enjoy every moment you have spent while photographing.

Now let us analyze few things that we need to know for shooting a beautiful sunrise:

So you know the exact location where you are going to shoot and then you put your camera on your tripod. Now just confirm the following settings before you start it:


We need to click photo on shade, we can adjust it with the white balance as the light remains cool in the morning.

Shutter Speed

To avoid the underexposed photos we need a longer speed so that more light would come in, as in the morning light is more diffused and soft.


We do not need sensor to be more susceptible to light while using the long shutter speed.

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