Faux Stone for the Man Space

By: stonetzkjji | Posted: 03rd February 2010

Listen Up Men! Every man needs a space
of their own.

Complete the look with Weathered
. Decorate once, and be done with it. The

timeless design of Weathered Stone™ will be around for years to come.
Stone never goes

out of style.

Stone and leather are the ultimate complement to a man space. Masculinity abounds

when the rich colors of Weathered
are used in a room. Don't just paint the walls;

create a one of a kind masterpiece with Weathered

Weathered Stone®
can be used from floor to ceiling. It even looks great on furniture.

The unique ability of Weathered
to bend over and under allows it to be used

almost anywhere there is a solid surface.

Weathered Stone®
has 22 standard colors, and custom colors are available. The opulent

colors will look great in a man space. Just imagine: A Weathered
leather floor

with Weathered Stone™ cashmere walls. Weathered Stone® is the perfect
mix of

masculinity, beauty, and charm for the King of the castle.

Weathered Stone®
has a Class A Fire Rating, and is great for remodeling a fire place or

covering a new one. A Class A Fire Ratings is the best a product can receive.

Weathered Stone® has a 10 year warranty on all horizontal surfaces like
floors and

countertops, and a 20 year warranty for all vertical surfaces like walls, columns,

crown moldings.

The virtue of Weathered Stone® is how it achieves authenticity as it is installed. While wet, Weathered Stone becomes pliable, the result is a sheet of stone that can be molded, bent , and shaped around any surface. As the glue dries the installed pieces become solid. The final step of grouting the seams gives the installed product added depth, delivering a realistic stone look to any surface.
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