Choosing The Best Duvet Sets

By: petergitundu21 | Posted: 25th January 2010

Choosing the best duvet sets for a room is much easier than in the past. The advances made in thread counts and dyeing techniques have resulted in an ability for a person to create a stunning theme in a room using a colorful duvet set.

Deciding on the purpose of the bed in the decorating design will be a determining factor when selecting a duvet set. A small room can seem even smaller if the wrong duvet is put on the bed. Bright, bold colors make the bed a main feature in the room and can easily become overpowering in a small space. Selecting colors that are more muted makes the room seem larger when used with more neutral paint colors and small pops of color.

Another popular duvet colors for small spaces is to use a muted pop color that compliments the theme of the room. Many of the neutral and muted duvets have bright pillow cases available that gives you the pops of color that you want for the room easily.

Many of the sets are now made with snaps at one end of the coverlet. During the winter a comforter can be slipped in the duvet and provide the level of warmth that is desired. The sets are made of different materials and fabrics, however they all have a very high thread count in common that makes them soft and comfortable when used on a bed.

When you are looking for the perfect sets for a small room, you may want to consider using the pillowcases of the set as the main design in the room. This allows you a smaller pop of color that is more mobile than using the large duvet which remains in place on the bed.

When you are decorating a child's room in a specific theme, there are many sets made that have specific characters or objects imprinted in the set that replicate favorite cartoon or movie characters. These duvets are often used as a base with other accessories matching the characters in the duvet throughout the room.

The durability and functionality of duvet sets make them excellent additions on beds that get a lot of use. When a day bed also functions as a sofa, a colorful duvet provides the comfort and beauty of the traditional set but has the additional features of being stain resistant and easy to clean. This makes them an excellent partner for a teen or guest room. When the right duvet set is chosen it will last for several years and provide bright colors that will not fade.

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