LightYear Wireless Information Review

By: W Bergin | Posted: 15th January 2010

LightYear Wireless Information Review
LightYear Wireless has an aggressive plan to monetize on a service via internet marketing and offline marketing that people already use every day. Mobile or cell phones have , no doubt, become a part of our lives. They are now inexpensive and easy to use with all the latest popular features you one may desire. It has become a part of our social being and our fast life styles that they allow us to stay connected wherever we are and whenever we need to.
The big question LightYear Wireless has is How much does your household spend on wireless devices? One hundred, two hundred, five hundred. This is near true. There are 255 million subscribers in the United States alone. They invite you Get your part of this gold rush.
When I found out that they were going to be paying a residual income on wireless bills which has never been done before it made me think of the great potential. One testimonial said he acually sold two businesses to do this full time and one business netted 40,000 dollars a month. His goals are estimated at six and seven figures a month. LightYear Wireless has given a concrete platform to capitalize on this.
Over the next 10 years wireless phones will replace all the devices we use. They've already replaced MP3 players and even computers.
As broadband access grows mobile phones will have numerous applications on them. The future is limitless. If you missed the other gold rushes or the internet gold rush then do not let this opportunity pass you bye without serious look.
Lightyear Wireless states that it is the easiest conversation you will ever have with anyone with a cell phone. I agree but how many people can you drive to you with credit card in hand is the question. It can become a reality from an impossibility if you can find a system that helps you drive the masses to create your massive residual income.

These opportunities require large numbers of qualified prospects to sustain a massive residual incomes. I pray that this information is useful and fulfills all of your dreams. If you are looking for 50 to 100 leads and a system that is almost required to run a successful business on the internet and leadership to show you how then it is a good bet to check this out

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