Guide on How to Do The Kpq on Maplestory

By: sky lee | Posted: 15th January 2010

This is a very easy task and will be well rewarded.

Phase I:
Fairly easy access to the right until I reach and talk to her. She asked him a question, you have to get the exact number of passes, and she tells him to get. After ligation of death, and until you pass enough. Talk to Cleo. Through a leader can continue.

Phase II:
This is much easier than the first. All you have to do is find the right combination of the rope. One person, a rope.

The third stage:
However, when the first phase easier. All you have to do is find the right platform. 1 person in every platform.

Phase IV:
This phase can be quite annoying.

Up to the top of the map until you reach the box. The same phase 2 and 3, 8 boxes
This may take a long time.

Fifth Stage, the final phase:
Grats was the final stage. Now U Gotta make your way to the bottom of death / avoiding monsters. King Slime (PC) will be waiting at the bottom. You have to try to kill your party. I recemend atleast get atleast a Masters or a thief, because they have a boss.Once the boss monsters to kill to get the pass, so you are. When you open pop-up by the National People's Congress, you will receive your bonus incentive and long distance transmission.

This is just a green fungus, mushroom hot maps.

A bowl or a camp at this stage, if desired.

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