Permanent Hair Removal- The Top Options Available

By: Ingrid Preube | Posted: 12th January 2010

How does it Work?
When you use electrolysis hair removal treatments, it's done through taking a needle and penetrating the skin into your hair follicle. If you go with a laser procedure you won't need any needles, because the only thing entering the skin will be a laser beam. If you want electrolysis done, an electric current shoots through the needle, which is uncomfortable. Obviously with a laser removal no such issues are at hand.

The Cost
Prices are going to vary depending on the clinic and the characteristics that pertain to your particular issue.

-Session duration
- Number of sessions
-Pricing of each session
-Area to be treated

One thing you should understand is that if you're looking to save money then the laser hair removal is a bit less. The biggest reason for this is because electrolysis has a longer duration to go from the start to finish. Seriously, this plays a major role in the overall cost. Did you know you can have a full laser treatment completed after 3 or 4 sessions? Definitely not the case with electrolysis.

Okay, when you're dealing with electrolysis, you have to think about how effective it has been over the years. It's important to remember that this has been around for 120 years, yet there is still not guarantee you will enjoy permanent hair removal. Laser clinics offer a 30%-40% hair reduction after the treatment is complete. The best part here is you are able to take care of bigger areas like the back, chest and legs.

Procedures and Pain
Ah yes, there is nothing like worrying about the pain of a procedure before you even bet there. Good news for those who utilize a laser procedure, the pain isn't there and then there is no uncomfortable stimulus directly. Electrolysis on the other hand can be extremely painful when the nerves of the skin are involved. So if you have sensitive skin we highly recommend not taking this route.

Are they Risk Free?
Is anything really risk free? Even though you probably guessed that the laser hair removal option is your best choice, you could still see redness, scarring and possible darkening of the skin after a treatment. It's not a permanent issue, but simply a side effect as they eventually fade away. Electrolysis has the possibility of causing infections, as well as other issues. If the procedure isn't done properly it could be even worse.

How many Sessions are Needed?
We mentioned this a little bit ago that laser hair removal only requires 3-4 treatments. This is great because the results happen fast and the savings on money is phenomenal. Electrolysis requires that you have a certain amount of "successful" treatments. Really? So basically they are saying you could go two or three times in a row with no results? Needless to say it can make electrolysis a long drawn out and painful process.

In the end it's all about being informed and understanding both sides of your options. It's safe to say that the laser hair removal option is your best choice. Just remember that there is no method out there where it's 100% effective. So laser clinics should end up being your first choice.

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