Global Warming – Hard facts

By: Guna | Posted: 08th January 2010

Global warming is the most dangerous issue happening right before our eyes. In common we call it as the increase in temperature of earths near surface. This rise in temperature is resultant of the increase in the green house gases produced by various sources like Industries, Vehicles, energy houses, households and more. Apart from this burning the woods and other flammable materials is also a key factor in producing these green house gases. Among more than 20 green houses gases the most common gases are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. It is said that more than 90% of the energy used in the industries are obtained by burning the fossil fuels. The fossil fuels includes the most used fuels like petroleum, coal, oil and other non renewable resources.

The advanced countries are the sources of more than 70% percentage of total green house gases produced every year. With less than 5% of the whole world population America is behind the emission of ¼th of the total green house gases produced annually. Other top countries include China, Brazil, Indonesia and Japan. The average temperature increase due to the green house gases emission during last century is around 0.4 degree celsius. But with current high emissions levels it is believed that the average temperature will rise around 2 to 5 degree celsius in coming years. It doesn't mean that this rise in temperature is going to get equally distributed in all regions. 2003 was the worst when the death toll rose to more than 50000 because of a record heat wave in India and Europe. The former incident is resultant of a mere 0.5 degree Celsius increase in the global temperature.

The good thing is most of the countries are taking strong measures against these rise in emission of green house gases. A number of non commercial organizations like IPCC were formed worldwide to prevent the rise of this CO2 emission. Studies by these organizations indicate that recycling can play a major part in bringing this emission levels below the dangerous levels. As per the studies by Imperial College London global recycling delivers a reduction of 500 million tons of carbon dioxide emission worldwide. Though it seems to be a huge figure it only consumes 2% of the total carbon dioxide produced every year.

The above hard facts show that global warming is becoming a threatening part to life on earth. Now it's in our hands to reverse or minimize this increasing temperature levels by reusing valuable materials and energy sources.

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