Walking And Weight Loss And The Flab Is Gone Fast

By: William Onedge | Posted: 08th January 2010

Yes, walking and weight loss and the flab is gone fast. There are many reasons as to why walking can be beneficial to one's health. For one, walking and weight loss can go hand and hand, in recent years doctors have tried to figure out just how much time daily should be devoted toward exercise.

Doctors claim that by walking in a moderate pace for anytime between 30-60 minutes will help you not only burn fat but also build muscle. Walking and weight loss also go hand and hand because it will speed up a person's metabolism.

Not only can you lose fat by just walking up to one hour a day you can also cut your risk for breast cancer, colon cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart disease. A lot of people in today's world do not have time to go to the gym, so instead walking and weight loss becomes the answer.

You can simply walk in the morning, afternoon or even during the night. You do not have to stick with the same pattern but it does help to stick with a routine such as walking before you eat or after you eat. Starting out at 30 minutes and working your way up to the hour. It is best only to push yourself if you feel like you can achieve it. Do not push yourself if you feel you are not fit to continue, there is always tomorrow.

When walking at anytime you should drink plenty of water. Always make sure you have a bottle with you especially in the hotter months of summer. Walking and weight loss should become a repetitious cycle, if you start it you should finish it. However, you must eat right also. Doctors conclude that where walking and weight loss in concerned you should cut your calories by four hundred.

Walking and weight loss go hand and hand because you will not only be losing the weight you've wanted to lose but you will also be boosting you energy levels which can help so much especially in a family with kids. Kids take so much energy to raise and look after, so giving a little of that back to the body makes a person feel a lot better.

There are other bonuses to walking and weight loss such finding a walking buddy who you can hang out with, talk to and ultimately lose weight together. You will also be able to enjoy losing weight without spending a lot of money on expensive equipment such as a treadmill.

Doctors encourage their patients to begin a walking regime even when their patient is healthy which means if you have any health concerns walking could be the best thing for you. Start by slowly walking for five minutes and then gently pick up the pace until you are walking moderately and keep it up for the next 30 minutes. Do the same routine for the next week and then little by little pick up the pace.

Walking and weight loss are two of the easiest things to do together but your mind has to be in it. It can be easy to talk about starting a walking routine but it becomes hard to push yourself to do it.

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