Having Your Ducts Cleaned

By: Yodle | Posted: 08th January 2010

In homes heated by forced air, the duct system is an important component of the structure and should be kept clean and free of debris. Duct cleaning is sometimes viewed as a controversial issue. Most agree that even if the results are minimal, it may still be a good idea to ensure the ducts are empty and free of mold and allergens. It can be difficult for a homeowner to evaluate or clean the ducts on his own, so an annual professional cleaning is a maintenance item that may save money and headaches over time. With an annual cleaning of the duct system, you can discover problems early and have them fixed before they are serious and costly.

"The Lungs of Your Home"

The treated air in your home is distributed to the different rooms via the duct system. If allergens are in the system, they will be blown into the home through the vents. Duct cleaning may provide better indoor air quality, lessen the amount of dust that accumulates in your homes, reduces mold and allergens, results in greater air flow, reduces energy costs, and removes any debris that has collected in the system. If you have pets, you will find that a lot of hair accumulates in the system. If you have small children, you may find they have inserted small objects into the vents that will eventually lessen air flow into the home. Cleaning the duct system annually assures there will be no more than one year's worth of buildup in your system. This helps those in your home breathe easier and creates a cleaner environment.

Having air ducts cleaned annually also catches serious problems before they spread though the ventilation system. If you suspect there is a water problem in your duct system, you need to act immediately to solve the issue. The first step is to identify the location of the problem. After it is fixed, the duct system will need to be cleaned and checked for mold. If mold has accumulated, you will need to have mold remediation and removal performed. Remember that any allergen in your duct system might as well be present in every room of your home. If the problem is in one portion of your system, the contaminant spreads to the entire house and will affect the respiratory function of everyone in the home.

Those purchasing a new home may want to consider a duct system cleaning. In new construction, material can build. In cases where you are buying a previously owned home, you will be cleaning away the debris of those living there before you. Since you have no idea how they cared for the duct system, a cleaning will give you a fresh start. You will also be aware of any potential problems. With a cleaning, you will remedy any issues with air-flow reduction or blockage. Also keep in mind rodents may crawl into the duct system without your knowledge. As their body decays, it can create odors and contaminate the air. Removing debris prior to moving in will ensure a clean, healthy breathing environment for your entire family.

Preventing Problems

Several companies respond to emergency situations, but they can also help you create a plan of attack that will aid you in preventing emergencies. Their experience and exposure to emergencies has shown them what can happen when problems are not dealt with sooner, rather than later. They advocate for preventative maintenance, knowing the amount of money and time it can save homeowners in the long run.

However, if you should face a crisis situation in your home or office, call on professionals to assist you with the clean up and restoration of your property. Whether there is a weather-related disaster, a chemical spill, a fire, or a maintenance issue, they will offer recommendations, professional services, and compassion during times of crisis. They will provide you with expert service that will help restore a safe, healthy, and happy environment for your family or employees.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

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