Five Reasons to Check Out the Fellowes Powershred SB 97CS Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

By: Jeff McRitchie | Posted: 08th January 2010

The Fellowes Powershred SB 97CS is a small-office powerhouse that offers great security and impressive capacity at a reasonable price. Here are a few reasons that you should consider the SB 97CS for your small office shredding needs.

  1. Security. Whether the documents you are shredding contain your own company's confidential information, or that of your customers, it is extremely important that the documents be rendered absolutely unreadable. The SB97CS is a shredder that offers you Level 3 Security, meaning that it shreds paper into a cross cut pattern that makes documents virtually impossible for someone to piece back together. This is not just good common sense. In fact, if you are dealing with information that the criminally minded could use to perpetrate identity theft or other types of consumer fraud, federal regulations mandate that you destroy those documents in at a Level 3 or above, and not doing so can lead to fines and/or litigation. The SB 97CS is a great, cost-effective way to protect your small business, and to keep your customers safe as well.

  2. Capacity. The SB 97CS is a small office shredder with some big-time capabilities. Its remarkable ability to handle 17 sheets of paper per pass (running at a speed of 12 feet per minute) is only the beginning. The SB97CS also gives you the ability to shred credit cards, and you don't need to worry about removing staples and paper clips either. What really sets the SB 97CS apart, however, is its ability to destroy CDs and DVDs. Confidential information doesn't only come in the form of paper anymore, and the SB 97CS recognizes this by giving you a dedicated slot in which to shred compact discs. Better still, the slot is specially designed to keep shards from flying out while shredding, and to separate CD waste from paper waste, so you won't have to worry about recycling issues.

  3. Safety. The SB 97CS comes equipped with Fellowes' patented Safe Sense system. This remarkable safety system utilizes electronic sensors that are placed at the feed opening that actually detect body heat and shut the shredder off instantly when your hands or fingers are too close to the slot. Also, the motor will stop automatically when the door to the cabinet is open, or when the waste bin is full.

  4. Quiet Operation. In a small office setting, the slightest noise can have a way of distracting you and your fellow workers, which is not only annoying, it hinders productivity as well. The SB 97CS is a whisper quiet machine, even when operating at full capacity. The SB 97CS simply prefers to draw attention for its great features rather than by making a lot of noise.

  5. Well-Designed. The SB 97CS features a nice slim design that makes it easy to fit between your desk and the wall, or in other tight spaces. The waste bin holds a hefty 10 gallons, and is easy to empty. The feed opening slot is nine inches wide, meaning that most paper sizes will fit with ease, and it even comes on casters so you can easily move it around the office whenever you need to.

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