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By: sanjay | Posted: 07th January 2010

Over 15 million people go through the pain of hair loss every day. In this competitive world its a pretty demotivating situation to be in when you start loosing your hair. Your appearance matters a lot not only to others but how you feel about yourself. An individuals self confidence is not only determined by his/her will but also what they think of themselves. Loss of hair can be one of the reasons why someone would be so demotivated with themselves and lack confidence.

Its like they say, when you look good you feel good and that reflects in every walk of your life be it with family, friends or at work. Having said that there are a hundreds of companies with millions of products that are manufactured to fix the Hair loss problem. Non of which can be trusted to be a miracle product without any other new problems. There are various kinds of Oils and creams and herbal remedies available in the market. Nothing but waste of money and major cause of anxiety. Hair loss can be hereditary or stress or just a scientific cause where DHT a hormone which wraps the hair follicle and kills it.Fortunately the hair at the back and the sides of the head is immune to this hormone.

That's why most people suffer from hair loss in the crown area and the front of the head. Over the years and medical advancements have worked in the favor of those who suffer from hair loss with the development of the new BHT (Body Hair-to-head transplant) and the FUE (follicular hair transplant) methods. In simple words the Body hair transplantation system is a method of using hair from the back of the head, arms, legs, chest or abdomen to the affected part of the scalp.

Now its not only the scalp that can be corrected but there are also treatments for hair transplant to various other parts of the body. The most amazing part is that this treatment does not leave any scars nor does it require a scalpel. A name most popular is Dr Sanusi Umar who has performed 10000 grafts with his break through Umar procedure. Some light after darkness.

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