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By: kurt | Posted: 07th January 2010

"The Zojirushi (which is 'elephant brand' in Japanese) definitely fits it's name. It feels as big as an elephant itself, with its 27 pounds of bread baking bulk. You should take measurements before you set out to set it up. At 17 inchese x 12 inches, it's not a little machine. If you are thinking about a space underneath your top cupboards, be certain to measure the space above the machine to make certain you can lift the lid, as it's 9 inches tall with the top lid closed.

You can bake a regular 2 pound loaf with the Zojirushi 2lb Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker. Just like the bread pan you'd use in a traditional oven, the Zojirushi pan is a horizontal shape. The cooking pan is approximately 5 inches in width and depth, and 9 inches long. One and a half pound loaves are also possible. You don't have to worry about dough rising, due to the rounded shape of the lid.

As with most breadmakers, you can use it as a cinnamon-raisin Bread Machine, or use it as a pizza dough breadmaker. You can learn other uses for it as well. Jellies are also feasible to produce with this device. You can combine and prepare homemade jam from fresh and canned fruits. It will also make whatever flavor of cake you might choose. The Zojirushi 2lb Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker will more than likely out-perform and outlast any other machine you've seen or used.

Yet with all that strength, it's amazingly quiet during the kneading phase. It's simple to understand the display panel and simple to process the settings, and visibility is optimized with its sloped panel positioning, so you will not need to move to read it. Fans of the Zojirushi refer to it as the Zo, and are very comforted by the reputation of this company, since it's been open for business for about a century. This company clearly focuses on their customers, as shown by the improvements with each new version, still retaining successful features from earlier models.

Often, with a typical Breadmaker, you are able to pre-program them to make the bread so it is ready for when you awake, so there is no waiting on your part. Notwithstanding, when you consider it, are you really going to get that much sleep if the Breadmaker thumps and clanks while kneading the bread, thankfully this one does not.

The newer Zojirushi breade makers are unbelievably silent your wake-up call will be the aroma of mouth watering fresh, warm loaf of your favorite bread. With most of the bread amkers you quite often have several options for programming new types of bread, crust color and texture, or also the dough only making cycles. Using the Zo, you can program your own customized settings for 3 different kinds of breads. If you have some experience with making bread, and want to produce your own recipes in the breadmaker, it's perfect.

Another feature will be a definite blessing for people who live with hot summertimes, and regular electrical brown-outs caused by everyone having their air conditioning running all the time. Even though your power may flash or darken, the Zo will always restart at exactly where it stopped when the power comes back on. This feature gives you up to ten minutes to restore power. Imagine working hard to bake a loaf of bread on another machine, and in the middle of the baking, the power goes out and the bread maker blanks out where it's at in the bakingbaking process, leaving you with a mess.

You'll easily follow the plain English of the instruction book, and also pick up some recipes. If you overlook the small number of misprints you will discover in the manual, you'll find it an unbelievably useful guide. Because Zojirushi is devoted to your happiness in your baking pursuits, they offer a 800 service line to attend to you if you find problems preparing a recipe. For example, numerous bread makers provide a wire handle that bends down on the baking cooking pan, the Zo doesn't have this. Once I phoned the customer service line, they quickly and happily informed me that it would be better to use hot pads when extracting the bigger horizontal cooking pan.

Another time, the crust of my bread loaf was not even. When I phoned Customer Service, they explained that this occurs now and then with breads that are heavier during the cycle for 'punching down'. It is a common problem and can be simply fixed by applying a plastic spatula to cautiously flatten the top. No matter what kind of bread you require - fast-rising yeast bread, bread with no gluten, sourdough bread - you can make it all with the Zo. If those low-budget breadmakers have left you annoyed by irregular results, annoying noise, and overall shortcomings, you will be able to rediscover all the delights of eating homemade bread with a Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker."
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Zojirushi Bread Machine Review"
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