Reviewing Dahle Vantage Lever-Style Trimmers

By: Jeff McRitchie | Posted: 07th January 2010

If you looked at the title of this article and wondered what a lever-style trimmer is, you should know that the phrase is simply a synonym for a guillotine paper cutter. Cutters such as these are great for when you need to cut multiple sheets of paper at once. German manufacturer Dahle makes a very good lever-style trimmer called the Vantage Lever-Style Trimmer. It is available in three different sizes, is made from great materials, and it has some vital safety features. It also has a few cons, as well, which are discussed below. So continue reading to discover this particular paper cutter.

The Pros:

The Cons:

This paper cutter is perfect if you want one that is affordable, durable, and safe. While the cutting capacity might seem low to some people, it's more than adequate for this type of trimmer. So, if you need a lever-style paper cutter, why not consider one from Dahle?

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