Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener Review

By: Jeff McRitchie | Posted: 06th January 2010

The Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener is loaded with features and is intended for heavy use in professional or scholastic art and drafting departments. We recently ran one of these sharpeners through its paces, and compiled a list of some of its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Probably the most remarkable thing about the Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener is what Dahle calls the Automatic Cutting system. If you are an artist, a drafter, or anyone who does a lot of work with pencils, you probably have a difficult time getting just the right point for the type of drawing you are doing at any given time. Often, you probably find yourself hunched over a piece of scrap paper, madly scribbling away trying to get the lead tip to cooperate. The Automatic Cutting system featured on the Dahle Premium Sharpener can help you put an end to that. With the turn of a dial, you can set the blades to sharpen to your exact specifications, from a dull wide tip to a super sharp edge. Because the blades are designed to spin free when the desired level of sharpness has been achieved ( no matter how much you crank away), you can always be assured that there will be no over-sharpening.

  2. Dahle products have long been known the world over for using blades made out of the finest steel from Solingen, Germany, and the Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener is no different. We can say without reservation that these are some of the best blades you will find in any pencil sharpener anywhere, and that they are more than up to the task for heavy duty use by a corporate or school art department. The blades cut as cleanly and with as much precision as we have ever seen from a pencil sharpener, but that should be no big surprise coming from Dahle machine.

  3. The Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener has a lot of features that make it a good choice for a multiple user environment, but none more so than that fact that it is very easy to clean and maintain. The shavings cup is made of clear plastic so you can see when it is full, and the cup slides right out for easy emptying. The cutting blades are easy to remove and clean too, which is a big plus if your Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener is going to be used with colored pencils (due to the softer lead) and any pencils that have wax coatings that have a way of building up and collecting in between the blades (as almost all pencils do).

  4. The Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener is both versatile and portable. It can accommodate just about any pencil size out there, including the extra wide pencils that artist use quite often. Also, though the Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener comes with a clamp that you can use to place it in a dedicated spot, it can also be moved about the room for tabletop use.


  1. Not a huge deal, but we found that the Dahle Premium Pencil Sharpener was just a little bit easier to use when it was clamped down. Also, we were a little concerned that if the unit were not mounted in a dedicated place, it might too easily find its way into a backpack, never to be seen again.

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