Five Reasons to Consider Dahle Premium Guillotine Cutters

By: Jeff McRitchie | Posted: 06th January 2010

When you think about guillotine paper cutters, what are some of the features that come to mind? Is it what the item is made out of? How much it can cut? The size of it? The safety features? All of the above? If you're like most people, perhaps you think of safety features first. That is a good thing because a guillotine cutter can cause a lot of damage if it's used incorrectly, especially if the unit lacks the appropriate safety features. That said, Dahle Premium Guillotine Paper Cutters have a fantastic safety feature that blows the safety features on other trimmers out of the proverbial water. (These products have other great attributes, as well.) So here are five reasons to consider these trimmers, with safety being the best and most important one.
  1. Safety comes first. All of Dahle's paper cutters have safety features so your health and well-being will be protected. However, their Premium trimmers have one of the best features available: a safety guard that completely covers the blade at all times. The guard rotates around the blade as you cut so your paper will have a crisp edge and your appendages won't get chopped off. This cutter also has a spring system that will keep the blade in one place so it won't fly up or slam down without warning.
  2. One of the sharpest blades around. It's a good thing that Dahle gave these products such helpful safety features because the blades on these trimmers are extremely sharp. They are made from Solingen steel, a German metal that's very high-quality, and the blades are self-sharpening. Even with the safety guard, these blades could really hurt you if you're not careful when using them, so watch yourself!
  3. Designed for heavy-duty use. These cutters are commercial-grade units that can cut 35 sheets of paper. They can also cut mat board so these trimmers are ideal for individuals in the framing industry and other creative professionals. Each unit comes with an adjustable guide to aid you in doing repetitive cutting.
  4. Four different cutting lengths. These trimmers are available in four different lengths. They are:
    1. Model #561: 14.5 inches.
    2. Model #565: 15.5 inches.
    3. Model #567: 21.5 inches.
    4. Model #596: 27.5 inches.
    The 561 and 565 both have integrated paper clamps, which is always a great feature to have. Each trimmer also comes with a metal base that has a pre-printed document sizing guide on it, as well as rulers that can measure in both inches and centimeters. Finally, there's also the 564 model which has a laser that can help you get a super accurate cut.
  5. A lifetime of use. Buying a Dahle product is always a wise investment because their cutters are well-constructed, durable, and they come with a great warranty. Each trimmer is backed by a lifetime warranty so you can be confident you will be able to use your cutter long after you purchase it. However, it is important to note that the blades are not covered under the warranty and eventually may need to be sharpened or replaced.
Dahle Premium Guillotine Cutters have a lot to recommend them. They are perfect if you need a commercial-grade trimmer that will keep you safe during use, so if this appeals to you, why not buy one for your office, school, or studio today?

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