Finally My Acne Is Gone

By: tomlive | Posted: 05th January 2010

Hello my name is Tom Danowski, I am 19 years old and I live in Portland, Oregon (go Blazers!) and i have had an acne problem since i was 13 years old. I was always embarrassed to go to school or to public places. So when I was 15 My mother decided to buy some Pro-active for me. It worked ok, I would still break out pretty bad, but it definitely happened less often. It was just too expensive in the end, and i was tired of the process everyday. So, about a year ago, i started doing some research. And now..
I am 19 years, i live in Portland OR, and I live ACNE FREE! and I have been for almost five months now. I am so glad i finally found something like this, a permanent cure that does NOT cost a fortune. It's called Acne No More by this guy named Mike Walden, a Medical Researcher.
I saw Great results in the fist week, most of my neck acne was totally gone, but the forehead acne was still there, which I had expected, I thought i'd never get rid of that. But Before two months was over, my acne was GONE, totally GONE... And guess what, Its been gone since! I looked SO much better, and I felt so good. It was like a huge weight off my shoulders, i feel so much more confident now.
I was extremely happy with this product, that i Contacted Mike Walden, and he wanted me to be a success story. I was proud to, and seriously, if anyone of you are suffering from acne, and you just cant take it anymore, then please consider this product, you will be so pleased that you did.
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