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By: free sms to india | Posted: 29th December 2009

Communication is the exchange of communication between two or more individuals .We communicate to

share our feelings, our information with others. Some of the basic ways of communication are by speaking,

singing, sign language, body language, touch and eye contact. These basic ways of communication are used to

transfer information from one entity to other. There are four basic type of communication. The four basic

communications are Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Written Communication, Visual

communication. Now what are these communications like? Let us first explain it. Verbal communication includes

sounds, voices, language, and non verbal communication involves physical ways of communication, like, tone of

the voice, touch, smell and body motion. Visual communication involves photography, signs, symbols and

designs. But out of all these forms of communication written communication is the most reliable method for

exchanging information. The major advantage of a written communication is that you can store the information

that is being written. E-mails, reports, articles and memos are some of the ways of using written

communication in business, but the most affordable means of written communication is
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service. We can use the Free SMS service for business purpose and as

well as for personal use.

Send Free SMS using PC is a more convenient way to communicate when in office,

while working on your computers rather than sending message from a cell phone. Unlike cell phones, Free SMS

service doesn't have problems of network, battery charge and many more which sometimes become a headache for

many people. The service could be availed from any part of the country. The Free SMS Service

will help to bring relations closer. Free SMS could bring closeness between two families, can mend a broken

relationship, can bridge a distance between two lovers, then why not avail this service.

No organization could afford to loose any chance of communicating with his prospective clients. This is the

reason that SMS service has become an integral part of marketing campaign of most businesses, but even SMS

marketing has its own price tag attached with it. That is why Free SMS service has been created.

Nowadays sending message has become a quick and easy way of staying in touch with your family and friends. A

SMS or short messaging service reaches the targeted audience within seconds.Free SMS is a

boon to the people who are tired of paying heavy dues for their mobile. One can also use Free SMS for business

purposes. The Free SMS service is quite popular among the youngsters as well as adults. You can send every

type of messages from Free SMS service.

Short messaging service is a fairly new innovation that has changed the scene of using a cell phone. It is

short and you can easily convey your message. Almost all phones now come with basic text messaging

capabilities but come with a price tag attached with it, but the Free SMS service will allow you to convey

your messages more clearly to your near and dear ones and that too without paying a price for it.About the Author
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