Missing sailor found in the Caribbean

By: Frank Bilotta | Posted: 22nd December 2009

I don't know about most kids but when I was 14 years old the Nintendo and my bicycle were the main hobbies in my life beside sports. But watching all the breaking news on CNN and other major news channels last weekend about Laura Dekker a young girl from the Netherlands who ran away made me think, wow what are my kids going to be planning when they get to that age.

For Laura it all started when she was denied by Utrecht District court the right to set sail across the world by herself at the age of 14. After taking the news very hard Laura decided to run away, and somehow how managed to end up 5000 miles away in the Caribbean Islands. The question still remains how someone at that age could manage to get that far away before being found by authorities. Laura's mother was the first to report her missing on Friday, which thankfully led to her being found Sunday unharmed.

I think it's great for a young kid to have the knowledge and expertise to actually accomplish such a remarkable task, but isn't that a little dangerous at such a young age. Hands down she probably knows more about sailing then the majority of the world but at least wait a couple of more years to make such a long journey, that roughly takes about 9 months to complete.

Even though she grew up sailing with her parents before they divorced when she was younger, you would think that her father whom some say is the person helping her would know the dangers of being at sea for so long. I know she dreamed and hoped to be the youngest person in the world to ever do such an unbelievable stunt, which is currently held by 17 year old record holder Mike Perham of Britain. But at the age of 14 I think the court was right to rule against her.

At the end of her court hearing she was told that officials would revaluate her case in July of 2010, which still gave her some hope of becoming the youngest person to sail across the world alone. But after what she just did by running off proves to the courts that she may be ready knowledge wise to do it, but emotionally and mentally she is not.
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