Fight Acne Today - Five Top Tips for Acne-Free Skin

By: mmnewbold | Posted: 17th December 2009

Acne is a common skin problem the world over, affecting a wider age group than just teens. For many sufferers, the doctors office for prescription medication is the first port of call in order to get rid or even prevent acne. But people should be aware that there are natural and easy ways to get rid of such a skin problem.
Listed below are some helpful tips to enable you to become acne-free:

Take the following steps in order for you to keep your skin free from skin flare-ups:

· Water therapy - drink plenty for your health

You could clear your skin by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, this would keep your body and skin well hydrated, and helps the blood supply to the skin flush away toxins that can clog up pores. When you drink this amount of water each day, you encourage your body to shed its dead skin cells more efficiently.

· Healthy diet - eat right for your skin

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables not only keeps you healthy over-all, but it boosts new skin production and can give your skin a healthy glow.

· Keep natural for beauty - use natural skin care products

With so many beauty products on the market, you would be tempted to try some of them with the hope that their promises to make you look great or keep your face smooth and healthy were all true. But can all these claims be true? Some of these products could actually harm your skin. They could even trigger an outbreak of acne and cause some skin disorders that were not there to begin with. Instead of using such harsh, chemical-based products, you could test out an organic skin preparation, or products with natural components. One great example of this are soaps made with natural aromatherapy oils.

· Stressed out? - Chill out to calm your skin

As has been demonstrated by indepth studies, there is a greater chance of developing acne during puberty. This is a stage when hormonal changes are at their peak. The more you get stressed, the more your body will react negatively to it. Try to relax more, take a deep breath in, close your eyes and breath out slowly when you feel your stress levels rising. When you are able to control stress, your body can produce more cortisol, which is helpful in combatting acne and its agents.

· Drink coffee? - Go caffeine free

Caffeine is a stimulant that can make you tense and raise your stress levels by producing stress hormones. This is obviously not healthy for your skin, any raise in stress levels may aggravate acne. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and some soda drinks are loaded with caffeine, so if you drink a few of these a day, you could be getting more caffeine than you think!

Switching to fresh non-carbonated water or fresh fruit juices, or concentrated fruit juices with no added sugar that have been diluted with water, will benefit the skin greatly, as well as provide essential nutrients that can feed the body as well as the skin.

You don't have to jump in and change everything in one day, just start implementing one or two changes at a time and I am sure you will be very pleased with the resulting clear, fresh complexion looking back at you from the mirror each day!

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