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By: kelly1988a | Posted: 17th December 2009

When deciding to put your excess belongings into an external Athens storage unit, there are a number of things that you need to consider. And these include the amount of items you want to store, the kind of specific conditions they need to be stored in, and also the amount of space you would need to contain them. Once you have got this information, it will become much easier to sort out the exact size unit you would need.

If you like you can even increase the sum total of the space you need just in case you ever want to add more items to the Athens self storage unit. After all it might be a place that you frequently access. And along with adding the space you need to manoeuvre and sort items out, it might be useful to include space for additional boxes and belongings you might acquire a long way. In some cases it gets difficult to find store space to rent within the same facility over time as other units fill up. Therefore, any advance planning that you do, even if it is for five years ahead will definitely come in handy.

Athens Storage Unit Sizes

Most Athens units have the following dimensions available for you to select from -

Small - This is roughly around 5 x 5 feet and can include the items that a small coat closet would be able to contain.

Medium - This is slightly more rectangular in shape than the small sized unit, with around 5 x 10 feet of space. It can contain approximately the amount of items a walk in closet can hold.

Large - The large unit has around 10 x 10 feet of space and can contain the contents of an entire medium sized bedroom. This is ideal if you have a twenty to thirty boxes of items along with leaving some room for manoeuvring.

Extra Large - This unit is approximately the size of a medium one car garage and is around 10 x 20 feet. This is ideal if you have over thirty boxes and by installing shelving and racks you can contain well over that number as well.

Larger Units - Most Athens storage units have large spaces that can contain luxury vehicles like RVs and yachts. These can also be transformed with racks and shelves into spaces ideal for storing cartons and boxes, if required. This space is ideal if you have a large amount of items to store and if you can envisage requiring more space as well. However since these are the costlier spaces, it is important to ensure that you have a large number of items to put into this kind of Athens storage unit before you hire one.

Making a decision about the size of unit that you need is often difficult especially if this is the first time you are renting a space. Therefore, it helps to discuss your concerns with the manager of the facility so that you can have the best of his expertise and knowledge. Most Athens storage facilities provide you with this service free of cost, and it would definitely benefit you to request for it.

Athens storage units offer large and small spaces apt to store goods and vehicles such as RVs, yachts, furnishings, appliances, files, and the like.These storing units come with temperature control facility.
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