A Christmas Gift for Gordon Brown

By: sarah hague | Posted: 15th December 2009

A Christmas Gift for Gordon Brown

Can you imagine working for the current government and picking Gordon Brown out of the Secret Santa hat? What on earth would you buy the Prime Minister for Christmas? Perhaps a new career or some new blinkers, only kidding Mr P.M! I'm sure that after all the hard work he does he deserves some Christmas cheer too. Findmeagift.com has tonnes of Christmas gifts that I'm sure would put a smile on Mr Brown's face.
A fun stocking filler for the Prime Minister would be the CapitaLIST Pig - Piggy Bank! We all know how Mr Brown likes us to save our own pennies and work past the pension age to save on 'his' budget, so why shouldn't he do the same? This cute ceramic piggy bank is black in colour, doubles up as a chalkboard and comes with a chalk stick too. Mr Brown could use a few CapitaLIST Piggy Banks, then he could save his money to help top up state finances. He could chalk up one little Piggy for Healthcare, another little Piggy Bank for Education and another little CapitaLIST Pig to give bonuses to us all at the end of the tax year!! Now doesn't that sound like a good idea?!! The CapitaLIST Piggy Bank is wipe clean, so if (heaven forbid) he should change his mind and have a rethink, then he can always reshuffle his pork scratchings and write up a new referendum on its little portly side!
Now Gordon Brown's car scrap age incentive may have benefitted those who can afford a new car but for others who can't, it's about as much use as a free ticket to nowhere! Therefore here at findmeagift.com, we have got the next new incentive to get gas-guzzling tanks off the road and replace them with a much more eco-friendly car. The Grow Your Own Sports Car will make Gordon think that all his Christmases have come at once!
For under £2 everybody can grow their own sports car. Simply plunk the little car into a pot of water and then watch it grow up to 600% of its original size. How fantastic is that?! It doesn't need to be taxed (but I'm sure the P.M will find a way!), needs no petrol, wont scratch or dent and you won't have to pay a penny of insurance either. This miniature cartoony looking foam car really can be the car of your dreams...but take it out of the water and it shrinks back to its original size. You can't actually drive this super Grow Your Own Sports Car as it's a toy. So for petrol heads it's probably as much use as a free set of square wheels... which means the Labour Government will totally endorse and run with it!
Ok in all seriousness, saving money and reducing our carbon footprint is pretty high on the agenda. So a fabulous Christmas gift for Gordon Brown would be the Double Siamese Slanket! Mr & Mrs Brown can snuggle on the sofa together in this incredibly cosy and functional fleece blanket. The great thing about this blanket is that it has 4 armholes and 2 head holes! They will be a picture of togetherness (unlike his cabinet he-he) as they both snuggle up and keep warm whilst still having their arms free to read the paper, do the crosswords or ponder over political shenanigans. But which colour will you choose to coordinate with 10 Downing Street: Gordon 'Chocolate' Brown or Labour 'Ruby' Red? Either way, this machine-washable super soft Double Siamese Slanket will be much appreciated by both Gordon and Sarah Brown and it can help them cut down on their energy consumption in all their homes-now that's got to be better for our economy!
So there you have it, a quick guide to some super stocking fillers for England's Prime Minister. So whether you're looking for gifts for Gordon Brown, friends and family or for some last minute presents, leave your car at home and get online to findmeagift.com - your one stop Christmas gift shop!

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