What is Your Natural Skin Tone

By: cosmeticsite22 | Posted: 11th December 2009

It is important to establish what your natural skin tone is when choosing concealer, foundation and powder as well as makeup colors. If you choose the wrong shades for your skin tone, you will find your skin looking dull and lifeless. Follow a few simple steps to ensure that your skin is glowing and your makeup complements your natural skin tone.

Take the Skin Tone Test

Make sure that you are in natural light when you perform this test. Unnatural lighting such as florescent lights may change the result. You will want the test to be as accurate as possible to achieve the best results.
First check the underside of your wrist. If your veins appear blue in color and you see pink undertones in your skin, you are most likely to have a Cool Skin Tone. If your veins appear to be more green in color and you see undertones of yellow in your skin, you most likely have a Warm Skin Tone.

Cool Skin Tones

People with Cool Skin Tones should use a foundation with blue or pink-based tones. Choose blush in colors such rosy pinks and beiges for paler skin or bronzes and plumbs for darker skin. For vibrant eyes, select eye shadow colors that contrast with your eye color. Cool Skin Tones often suit colors such as shimmery silvers, pale blues, mauves and pinks. Lipstick colors such as rosy pinks, light corals, plumbs and mauves tend to suit people with Cool Skin tone the best.

Warm Skin Tones

People with Warm Skin Tones should use a foundation with yellow-based tones. Choose blush in neutral colors such bronzes, coppers and browns. Select eye shadows that contrast with your eye color for vibrant looking eyes. People with a Warm Skin Tone often suit more natural colors such as warm bronzes, browns, coppers and creams. When choosing lipstick for Warm Skin Tones, darker corals, reds, beiges and browns tend to be the most complementary.

When Choosing Makeup

It is important to choose concealer, foundation and powder that matches your skin color. For a flawless natural look, it should not be noticeable that you are wearing makeup. In order to achieve a natural look, first select a color that you feel best matches your skin tone. Then choose one shade lighter and one shade darker. Test the three selected shades on your cheek next to one another. Choose which ever shade is the closest match to your skin. To achieve the most natural result, the correct shade should disappear when you blend it into your skin. Never test make up on the back of your hands as they are rarely the same color as your face.

Always choose your makeup colors very carefully. Finding colors that suit your skin tone is very important for a natural look. The right colors will really enhance your features but the wrong colors can make you appear dull and washed out. Follow the above tips to help enhance your appearance and feel more confident.

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