Can President Obama Regain His Presidency

By: Dr. Robert E. Rainer, MD | Posted: 11th December 2009

He was the voice of hope... the inspiration behind change. But somewhere along the way the vision of an American utopia became overshadowed by the bureaucratic Washington agenda. What happened to our President Barack Obama? We were certain that he was our man to usher in a new age of American prosperity and optimism. Well, it's not too late. Despite sagging poll numbers and waning approval levels, President Barack Hussein Obama can and most likely will usher in the change that he repeatedly promised during his campaign whirlwind. But if politicians are truly the voice of the people then the people must and are in fact duly obligated to provide direction for our political leaders. Well Mr. President, listen up.

Americans welcome change. Change has inspired Americans to accomplish enormous undertakings. Defeating the British superpower to gain our independence to galvanizing the engineering prowess and fortitude to complete the Panama Canal, Americans historically have never backed down from a challenge. But what is the antidote to remedy today's ailing society? Clearly revitalizing our economy is priority number one. But many appear to either have no definitive mission statement or they've become lost in rhetorical ideas with no substantive objective. Recent discussions have even included the legalization of marijuana to generate revenue and to balance budgets. Really? Have we gotten to the point that we are willing to resort to becoming the world's largest drug dealer in order to make a profit? Are we ready to see Saturday morning marijuana commercials targeting our children just to mend our fiscal balance sheets? I don't think that this was the change that any of us had in mind. American ingenuity is far bigger than that. Our ideas, creativity and capacity far exceed any quick fix.

Energy, Mr. President, is the answer. North America is blessed to have a continuous jet stream traveling the mid west corridor from Houston Texas clear north to the Canadian border. With wind speeds averaging in excess of 15-20 miles per hour, this is the natural resource that must be harnessed. But how does the government implement a plan to stimulate the harvesting of wind power? Well I'm glad that you asked. The government can provide subsidies or low interest loans to land owners willing to purchase wind turbines to cultivate wind energy. The cultivated wind energy can then be converted to electrical energy and sold to the state electrical grid for cash dollars for the wind farmer. Well that's a relatively straightforward way to create jobs and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. But the real ingenious segment is yet to come. Once Americans flood the mid west with an abundant supply of wind turbines, the surplus electrical energy can then be utilized to perform electrolysis from sea water. So again you ask,'What is Electrolysis?' Electrolysis is the chemical dissection of the water molecule. Water divided into its basic components forms hydrogen (H) and a hydroxyl (OH) group. Everyone has heard by now of the power of hydrogen. Given its extreme volatility, it can power cars, heat homes, in short, hydrogen can power America. Let's not of course forget the obvious. America can sell its Hydrogen surplus to industrialized nations for economic gain. Alas, we can become an energy supplier as opposed to a sole energy consumer. We may then assume our rightful position as the world's economic leader.

Electrolysis also affords another potential gain. The hydroxyl (OH) group created by the electrolysis process can also combine with Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere and help to reverse the green house effect of global warming. Yes, in other words Mr. President, this plan also helps save the planet. Saving the planet is 'change' that we all may agree to cosign.

So, we the people do believe that you are the one to initiate the change that we all so desperately need. Your intellect, charisma, will, and sincere desire to do what is right for our nation will hopefully navigate your upcoming decisions. But mobilizing the might of America is by far the greatest of all arsenals. A United America has always conquered adversity. It always has and always will. Good luck Mr. President and may God be with you.


Robert E. Rainer, MD, is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He completed his residency training in obstetrics and gynecology in 1995 and shortly afterward established his medical practice (see: ). Dr. Rainer's practice flourished and is now a leading OB/GYN practice in New York City. Get his book:
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