Contribution to Beauty Industry

By: Robert Palmer | Posted: 10th December 2009

There is no doubt that the sudden rise in the popularity of hair straighteners over the last few years has had a massive affect on the global beauty and cosmetics industry. Hair straighteners are now the one item that is likely to be owned by teenage girls all over the world, and there is no other product that rivals the straightener in terms of popular mass production. There popularity is now excepted, and hair straighteners are used every day to create even the most simple of hair styles. It seems strange to think that only a few years ago hair straighteners did not even exist, and that those who wanted the kind of sleek hair that now comes as a result of straightening had only the hair dryer to help them try to achieve this look.

Hair straighteners are now sold everywhere, and are available relatively cheaply, depending on the quality that is required by the consumer. They are available from supermarkets and hair salons, as well as directly from the supplier. It is unusual for a teenage girl not to have a pair, and these days they seem to be a staple of the beauty regime of every female. They are even becoming popular with men, as women begin to care more about how their husbands and boyfriends present themselves. It is no longer socially required that men have to keep up a masculine front all of the time, and this had made it much more likely that they will invest in grooming products. Clearly hair straighteners are part of this, and it is now no longer unusual to find them in the bedrooms of teenage boys either.

The cosmetics, hair and beauty industries are the fastest growing industries in the world, with annual turnovers of many billions of pounds. It is hard not to see how hair straighteners and all the components that come with them have not contributed massively to this figure.

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