Five Fantastic Features of the Dahle 20304 Small-Office Shredder

By: Jeff McRitchie | Posted: 07th December 2009

Are you searching for the right paper shredder for use by your employees? If so, the Dahle 20304 small-office shredder is one machine you should consider. This unit is a high-quality machine that can be used to shred just about any document that needs to be destroyed such as canceled checks and credit reports. The 20304 offers adequate identity protection and shredding capacity, and it's backed by one of the best warranties available. So here, in more detail, are the five fantastic features of the Dahle 20304 small-office shredder.
  1. Security Level. The 20304 is a strip-cut machine that offers a decent level of security with its rating being at Level Two. This makes this shredder good for destroying marketing materials, some financial data, and more. The blades of this machine are made of high-quality solid steel, which means it will have no trouble destroying items such as paper clips.
  2. Shredding capacity. This machine has a shredding capacity of up to 18 sheets of paper. That means it's capable of shredding up to 400 pages per day, so it's perfect for use by one or two people. The feed opening measures 9.5 inches across, so it can accept paper that measures either 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14".
  3. Size. The 20304 is just under two feet tall, so it can comfortably fit either beside or underneath a desk, allowing users quick, convenient access to it. This shredder has a waste volume of 8 gallons and the machine will alert you as to when you need to dispose of your shreds. You can use Dahle shred bags, boxes, or both with the 20304. It all depends on what you prefer.
  4. Helpful features. This paper shredder has an electronic sensor that can detect when paper is in the feed opening. When this occurs, the unit will turn itself on, shred the paper, and then power off. You can also use a continuous mode if you need to shred a lot of paper at once. Plus, the machine will shut off automatically when the waste compartment door is open, which makes this shredder very safe to use. Finally, this is a very quiet machine that operates at a decibel rating of 54. Not having a machine make noise in your office help your employees be more productive because they won't be distracted by the grinding and whirring of a noisy machine.
  5. Price and warranty. The 20304 is priced at $995.00, which is actually quite a good price considering the machine's construction and shredding capacity, and the fact that this product carries the prestigious Dahle name. Dahle has given this product a two-year warranty on parts and labor, plus an additional lifetime warranty on the blades. It would be difficult to find another shredder with such a great warranty.
From reading this article, you are now aware of the five great features the Dahle 20304 small-office shredder has to offer you. Now that you know about them, it should be clear that this machine is one of the best you can buy and that, because of the warranty, it will be one of the most reliable ones, as well.

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