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By: Bryon Zirker | Posted: 07th December 2009

You barely have a chance to catch your breath after a busy, fun filled summer and then Autumn comes at you full force. The kids are back at school, the leaves are falling and before you know it, it's Thanksgiving. If you are like most people, you will probably prepare a huge turkey feast with all of the trimmings. The extended family will come together (hopefully without any fighting) and everyone will be happy. Then they all leave and you are stuck with the clean up.

Now you can relax and get ready for Halloween. Fill the house and yard with witches and ghouls, buy a ton of candy, and again, it is over before it really even starts. Christmas too, you spend weeks or even months preparing only have to all be over in one day. A lot of effort for one day of joy. We should concentrate more on making every day special, instead of only a select few days a year.

Makes you wonder why people do it year after year. Tradition? Or is it just out of habit. Or societal pressure. Everyone else is doing it, you would feel strange if you didn't do it as well. But there are some people, right in your own neighborhood that don't participate in these rituals. Either for religious or other reasons, they completely forgo any holiday celebrations. Some don't even celebrate birthdays.

I feel sorry for the children of these families. How do you explain all of the decorations in all of the neighbors houses? All of the lights? All of the Santa Clauses on every street corner? There must be a million questions. The worst part is probably after Christmas break when all of the child's classmates are talking about all the cool things Santa brought. This could really make a child feel awkward and out of place. But, obviously the parents must be prepared for this. No one would impose such a burden on their child without being fully prepared for the consequences.

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