Special Trainings at Rowans Ten-Pin Bowl

By: Cherry B | Posted: 27th November 2009

There are a lot of people who would want to stroll in the bowling alley as they play tenpin bowling. It is not very hard to learn bowling but there are some people who are in need of special trainings for them to be able to know more about bowling. The Rowans Ten-pin Bowl is one of the great names that are able to offer trainings and special needs for certain people and certain schools.

Rowans Ten-pin Bowl is surely delighted to give every individual with all things concerning bowling especially trainings. With their friendly staff, it is no doubt that a lot of people with special needs are able to learn well since Rowans would consider their clients as friends and not just simple and common customers.

Rowans is known to teach those children bowling in a very fun way that children will really enjoy and at the same time learning will be instill in them.

For the staffs of Rowans, a smile is enough for them to be able to teach people with a lot of lessons aiming to produce players with mastery in bowling or just for fun and recreation.

They boast their facilities like the lanes and more especially those facilities that are big help for those people who are on their wheelchair if they would want to play bowling.

Rowans Ten-pin Bowl is open for any booking regarding this matter for special and school needs bowling. You can visit their website on http://www.rowans.co.uk for inquiries.

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