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By: Ben Kinnaird | Posted: 26th November 2009

In this article, I intend to explore the enormous escalation in time folks spend playing the free of charge games on Facebook, Bebo and Myspace. On arrival into Facebook for instance, brand new users get pleasure from hooking up with old acquaintances and making new ones. Sharing an online diary with your social group seems peculiar at first but before long it becomes second nature and before you know it you're having day by day conversations with relations you haven't shared two words with in a year.

This is where a factor called viral marketing takes over. Sooner or later, you'll notice an statement on a contacts newsfeed regarding an achievement they have made in one of the games or applications. This ranges from winning a pillow fight to an upgrade in Cafe World or harvesting a different crop in Farmville. You may well resist the temptation to go off and look into what's going on in there, but the odds are you'll be interested once seeing endless notifications from Happy Aquarium or Mafia Wars and click through to look at what all the fuss is about. And that's when they reel you in. The top games on Facebook are very shrewdly designed to keep you playing, and keep you coming back to either beat your contacts superior scores on the likes of Farkle and Missile Tower Defence, or to enlarge your cafe on Cafe World and Restaurant City, or increase your property in Farmville. This is where the modern generation of games come into their own. The need to keep monitoring progress over hours, days and weeks means you'll be back on at regular intervals, gaining the website owners valuable advertising revenues.

Now maybe my sarcasm is begining to show, but when I look at what's happening to my small set of friends over a relatively brief period of time, I've got to wonder where does it finish. People I've known for years are glued to their computers and iphones through the day and night making certain their Cafe World game is in absolute order, while their own day to day life is disappearing down the sink. The volume of man hours being frittered away (pardon the cooking pun) is mind boggling and surely it won't be long before offices around the planet have to enforce a bar on web surfing at work either on the staff systems or web browsing mobiles. The statement I'm trying to get on to here is that if these folks put half the energy and dedication they invest in these games, into their home-based, company and job lives then surely they'd be millionaires.

And there it is. The incontestable truth that life has become so mind numbing, so overwhelmingly lackluster, boring and completely uneventful that these online platforms are satisfying a need in an emotional vacuum. So what's the answer? Do we need an answer? Well, I for one have kids and the outlook can still be positive for them if they can envision an alternative with superior rewards than these games can offer. So lets bring to mind that our kids are showing some major ability by mastering these games and congratulate them for doing so well at something. But they can't earn a living from it. The dark periphery of this industry is the betting world and we don't care for them disappearing down that path surely? So lets recommend putting a portion of this time into something productive. Something which contributes to the household revenue maybe. We as parents can still exercise some amount of authority over our kids, so lets make an effort to shine a light down a different path.

Life is the game. You just get one life in this game and there's no going back to try again if you mess it up. What I'm suggesting is harnessing a little of this talent and putting it to good use. And not designed for charitable purposes either. I'm not some evangelist whose preaching some road to salvation here, but if you're earning nice money, more choices become accessible. Put it this way, if you announce to your relatives a month long break to Disney World, do you think they'll look up from their computers?

Time to unlock a gate at this time. You decide if you choose to go through it or not. Beginning an online venture has to be one of the easiest things to integrate with domestic and working life, and if I propose an hour a day for every household member can bring in an adequate amount of wages to add up to a major difference to your life, then hopefully you can grasp some merit in what I'm suggesting. There's just one rule to keep to now and that is, pick one and stick with it. There are literally millions of options out there and the online small business world is constantly fleeting from one hottest expert to the next, looking for a get rich quick scheme with zero outlay and smallest input, but trust me once I say, it doesn't exist. This will take a small amount of money to get going and that hour a day from you and your household to make it succeed. It's not complicated, it takes a little graft, but even if you merely turn out a few hundred more dollars, pounds, euros, yen, whatever, in the month, it will bring you and your relations back as one and from there, your online contacts and relatives can start to glimpse a sign of light through the gaming mist.

So here's to a fresh start and I truthfully wish you and your household a brighter future.
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