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One of the most frequent requests I have heard throughout my career is "May I have your card?" Whether it's a sales call or business-to-business (B2B) networking, the practice of swapping business cards is the most common way to make an introduction. So why do so many merchant level salespeople (MLSs) arrive at meetings and trade shows without them?I'm always surprised when, during the "get to know you" part of a committee meeting, someone in the room announces they have "forgotten their cards". Or when someone visits our booth at a trade show and is unable to leave a card because they don't have any with them. In sales, forgetting your business cards is like forgetting your pants.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that little business cards can have a big impact on your marketing if you employ some creativity. One of the most critical decisions you'll make as you design your card is whether or not to add non-text elements such as a photo, your logo or additional clip art or graphics. How do you decide whether words or pictures are more effective use of the limited space on a business card? Where will your cards be distributed? When will you be handing them out? Who will be receiving them?For example, some entrepreneurs find it effective to prospect for new customers by plastering their business card on every bulletin board they can find.

You've had one thousand of the finest, several eye-catching Business cards printed. Now, what do you do through them? Networking amid business cards is one of the most cost effective signals of marketing your business-and yourself.Don't leave them sitting in the box, they do you no good there. Get them into the hands of your prospects! If you think of your business card as a mini-billboard for your company, you will realize that you wish people to see it in order for it to be effective. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Keep them in your pocket, purse, briefcase, and wallet, on your desk, and at the reception area of your office.Leave some in your car. Always experience them on hand so you can introduce yourself to new folks when the time is right.

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The business card is actually functioning as a miniature billboard. There's no personal contact involved and the reader may have little (if any) knowledge of the featured business. Such a card needs to be colorful, easy to read, and very clear about the primary service and benefit of the business.On the other hand, if you're designing business cards that will primarily be given to existing customers or to colleagues, you don't need to waste precious space telling them whatyou do. They already know. Instead, they're probably more interested in expanded contact information (maybe after-hours customer support), additional store locations or complementary products.So - photos, logos and graphics need to be chosen according to the response you want from the typical person who'll receive your card. Does the photo, logo or graphic you have in mind help or hinder the purpose of your card? Will it be worth the space that it consumes on the card.

Sure, everyone needs business cards. But why not make your business card do double or triple the work of an average business card.Here are 4 proven ways to supercharge your business card into a powerful business tool.1. Use the back of the card to include sales info. Good marketers know that customers need to be reminded at every opportunity how your product or service will help them. Even though business cards are small, you can still include some information on the back of the card that will remind customers how you are unique, better, and valuable. You could include a short bullet list of features and benefits. You could display some stats and figures, mention awards your product has won, or list a brief testimonial or two. Just a little bit of extra sales information can make a big difference in building relationships and encouraging sales.2. Use the back of the card as an appointment card. Dr.'s and dentists do this frequently. But other businesses can use the same concept.

Keep a schedule and goals for making contact by phone calls, emails, or snail mail. Periodically go through your filing system and update or delete old information. The reason you store this information is to keep in with people -- use your new organizing system to stay efficient and your business will thrive!Do your business cards work as hard as you do to gain new contacts? If not, you need cards that will grab attention and spur curiosity.Make your life a house your heart can live in. With a door that is open to receive friends and a garden full of memories of many good things.Spend money on decent quality business cards. Home made cards just don't compare to the quality of professionally printed cards. Your cards reflect your business - do you really want your cards screaming cheap!2. Always hand out two business cards - one for the prospect and one for them to handout to a colleague.3. Enter your business cards in Free Lunch draws at restaurants.4. Make your card unique in size, shape or texture.

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