Knowing Your Skin and maintaining it

By: Nelly Conway | Posted: 25th November 2009

With a little knowledge, one can safeguard and defend the subtle beauty of one's skin. Since the skin does not enclose large quantity of moisture, preventing the skin from drying is the most important consideration. For maintaining a supple, fine, and beautiful skin, one should eat a warm diet, containing a fair proportion of ghee, butter and olive oil, and favor sour, saline and sugary tastes (sweet items such as fruits, not refined sugar) to improve their skin, as they help in balancing out the body.

One should avoid drying foods such as crackers. One should also drink six to eight glasses of warm water all through the day and should eat ample sweet, succulent fruits. Going to bed before time (previous to ten PM) is extremely soothing to vita type of skin and will have an extremely positive influence on one's skin. Avoid cleansing merchandises that make the skin dry (such as alcohol-based cleansers) and perform oil massage to one's complete body in the morning previous to shower. When in balanced condition, healthy and happy skin has a good-looking, somewhat rosy or golden glow, as if enlightened from within.

Skin is made up of 3 major layers:

1) The epidermis

2) The dermis

3) The hypodermis

The epidermis is the layer that a person can see with his/her eyes and as he/she grows older, noteworthy changes take place which are concealed from one's view. For example, the skin progressively thins over time, particularly in the region of the eyes. This is known as crow's feet. To some, it is a sign of distinction and maturity, while to others they are merely ugly lines. However, we say that every age has its own beauty, and the first marks on your skin should not be seen with dread, but welcomed with acceptance of a mature mentality and subtle experiences. Some cosmetics can simply re-thicken the skin, but the procedure of thinning is unavoidable.

Collagen, situated in the dermis helps in maintaining an elastic and moist skin, but with period of time this fiber breaks down to generate lines and wrinkles. Exposure to ultraviolet rays accelerates this procedure, and in view of the fact that few cosmetics can really reach the dermis, the thought that a cosmetic can overturn this development is unfounded. The most excellent way to put off fine lines and wrinkles is to limit one's introduction to ultraviolet radiation.

The hypodermis is the lowest layer, between muscles and dermis. A strong blood flow would ensure the well-being of this part of the skin and aid in fighting ageing.

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