Dragonica - Understanding Different Traits and Characteristics of Dragonica Classes

By: sidana | Posted: 25th November 2009

Dragonica is a free-to-play MMORPG with a massive 3D environment and an array of quests and adventures for gamers. The game mechanics in Dragonica is simple and addictive. Players can interact with their friends, talk to NPCs and are free to accept the quest of their choice. They also have the freedom to opt for rooms and options for Player vs. Player (PvP) arena. Using Dragonica's Couple System, two players can forge an online co-operative team, fetch quests, travel between dimensions and engage in combat with dragons and monsters.

For beginners, getting acquainted with different classes is very important. Beginner Dragonica classes, or "first jobs", have to be understood to win quests and level up into 2nd, 3rd and 4th jobs.


The first and the most powerful class is the warrior. This Dragonica character has the courage to defend and attack simultaneously. Suitable for the "action gamer", Warriors are tanks or font line soldiers who inflict maximum damage through their combo hits. You can promote your Warrior class to Gladiator or Knight after reaching level 20. The major aspect of Warrior is its strength and melee skills. However, you can only equip him with only a sword.


Magicians are adept in casting spells and specialize in numerous AoE (Area of Effect) spells and burst damage. They can inflict maximum damage in player vs. player combat mode using their long range spells. However, their low health can make them very vulnerable against archers and warriors.


Equipped with long range projectile arsenal, Archers can shoot down enemies at a great distance. They are adept in creating long-ranged weapon combos. But, they are very weak in group battles, so choose them if you are playing the solo mode. With its Anti-Air shots, Archer can get the better of mobs and dangerous enemies.


Thieves are endowed with special abilities in Dragonica. They can do maximum damage using their burst power, but they will have to be much closer to the enemy. Thieves have better melee attack skills than Warriors. You can use their stealth ability to make them invisible against monsters and other players. However, they are vulnerable to damage and easily get killed.

Do you really like to play Dragonica online and learn its basic gold making skills? Find out the traits, skills and characteristics of different Dragonica classes and learn how these classes can help you combat different monsters and dragons.
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