Rising demand for anti aging cosmetics

By: Johnman006 | Posted: 24th November 2009

Have you ever wondered why so many cosmetic products are flooding the markets every year? Every other day you would come across a commercial in television or ad in your favorite magazine presenting a new product or a newer version of an existing brand. When all are promising the same perfect answers to your aging problem, how do these new products manage to find a better market place? The simple answer is people are not satisfied by the performance of most of the anti aging solutions and skin wrinkle creams made available to them.

This is the reason why there is not much monopoly in the anti aging sector of our cosmetic industry. For other products like moisturizers and sunscreens people remain loyal to a brand for their entire life because they are happy with its performance. However, when it comes to anti aging formulas, it is hard to find one that works with consistent efficiency. Even if they are efficient for a certain period, they cannot maintain the magic for long. Although, people understand the fact that youth once lost cannot be regained, they do not want to surrender to this basic law of nature. In an era where age defying treatments like Botox and laser facelifts are reversing the age induced skin mutations, it is quite natural to expect more anti aging effects from cosmetic skin treatments too. But only 15 percent of the skin wrinkle creams available in the market contain ingredients that have the potential to fight the wrinkles and repair the loosened skin.

Another fact that people fail to realize is that skin wrinkle creams work only in cases where skin mutation is an effect of premature aging symptoms. That means these cosmetic products can stimulate the skin to revive its youthful structure only if the skin has that inherent potential to react to various treatments. Once the skin loses its potency to function against aging process then no form of natural therapy can resuscitate its lost properties. It is just like how your hair starts graying once you start getting really old. The same is the case with facial wrinkles. Certainly, there are skin wrinkle creams that contain chemicals like Hyaluronic Acid and different forms of synthesized collagens that brings about instant changes within hours. However, they cannot maintain the effect beyond a certain limit and once the treatment is withdrawn the skin recoils back to its original condition or even worse.

So, the bottom line is, anti aging creams are effective but only to a certain limit, beyond which there is no point in spending thousands on them. The best way to preserve the youthfulness of your skin is to keep it hydrated and nourished from inside. A healthy body naturally represents a healthy skin. Avoiding stress and living an active life also enhances your skin's longevity.
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