Teeth Whitening Risks and Who Should Consider Consulting His Dentists Before Starting

By: Brad Rice | Posted: 23rd November 2009

Teeth whitening is considered safe as long as following instructions. However, as in many products, there are certain risks (side effects) users should be aware of:

* Sensitivity - whitening (or more accurately bleaching) can cause a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity to temperature, touch and pressure. These symptoms are more likely to occur when using high concentration bleach (and at early stages of bleaching treatment) usually during office whitening, most over the counter kits have lower levels of concentration and this phenomenon is less common.

This kind of sensitivity usually last day or two, but in some cases can last a few weeks and up to a month.

People with gum recession are at higher risk for tooth sensitivity and should consult a dentist.

* Gum irritation - a more common phenomenon. Approximately, 50% of users of bleaching solutions experience some degree of gum irritation. This irritation will usually last for 1-3 days after stopping or completing treatment. Using gel pen applicator products, which are more accurate can reduce the contact of the Peroxide concentration with the gum thus diminishing the phenomenon.

It is important to say that, teeth whitening is not for everyone.

The list below indicates those that should consult their dentist before starting teeth whitening procedures.

* Children under the age of 16 - The reason is that the nerve of the tooth is enlarged until this age and that could cause irritation of the pulp or cause it to become sensitive.

* Pregnant/lactating women - the potential impact of swallowed bleach on the fetus is not yet known.

* Darkly stained teeth (grayish or purple-stained teeth).

* Those with a lot of fillings or dental restorations.

* Individuals with exposed roots, cavities, gum disease, worn enamel.

* Those having allergies and sensitive teeth.

* Teeth with dark gray stains or crowns.

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