Dragonica - Innovative and Unique MMORPG

By: sidana | Posted: 05th November 2009

In a virtual world where the majority of MMORPG (massively multiplayer on-line role playing games) games seems to follow a well established style, Dragonica bring a new,innovative and fresh air.For the experienced players, Dragonica's concept behind the game, remember the early times of this industry. Dragonica is the first MMO side scroller game, a mixture between MMO and 3D arcade actions scrolling game. It takes the classical elemements from MMO like : character customization,skills and level-up systems,guilds,party and arcade platform action with fighting combos in an unique and original approach,for satisfiyng two great categories of gamers : action arcade and role playing game players.

In Dragonica, player is deeply impressed from the beginning by the outstanding graphics, a full 3D world design, populated with enjoyable charmish and stylish cartoon characters (even the monsters). Combined with an gorgeous music,that change dynamically depending on the action, this fairy world will give players an immersive and exciting experience during numerous quests and it will hold many more hours in front of the monitor, for aquiring experience.You can choose from four base RPG classes : Archer, Mage, Thief and Warrior, everyone with advantages and weaknesess, depends of your gaming style.Fighting style in Dragonica resembles the style of old side-scrolling platform games but is different from a full rotating camera perspective view , that permit attacks and moves in all directions.Side-scrolling gameplay makes the Dragonica more difficult than the classical hack & slash aprroach but the satisfaction is guaranteed. The game encourage the party missions because there is a high probability to gain more quality objects. You will get also a lot of fun,and adrenaline.

But Dragonica is not limited just in a full combat approach system,there also exist a social aspect like in other MMORPG's for more interaction between players : guild systems, marriage and housing systems.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this game for his unique and innovative features that stimulates your imagination, intelligence, dexterity , team spirit, and last but not least, the nostalgy to be even for a moment transposed in childhood world.

I have played many MMORPG (massively multiplayer on-line role playing games) games my entire life but none gave me a satisfaction that big and so much fun like Dragonica .It's my favorite game at this moment and I will spend all my free time with my party friends making one of the numerous missions, for earning experience.
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