Hair loss is not only restricted to people of middle age or old age, it may even strike children.

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Tinea Capsistis - is a fungal infection of the scalp, hair follicles, eyebrows and lashes. The more common name for this condition is ringworm of the scalp. The fungus invades the hair shafts and the hair breaks of at the scalp line, leaving a stubbly look, and a round hairless spot.

Any medication can cause hair loss, even if it is not listed as a symptom. Psychopharmaceutical medications which are becoming more commonly prescribed to adolescents are known to cause hair loss in some people. Acne medications derived from vitamin A can cause hair loss. Some anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory medicines list hair loss as a side effect. Any hormonal medication such as birth control pills or steroids can cause hair loss.

Bacterial Infections
Certain bacteria and other microorganism can infect the scalp causing inflammation and hair loss. Hair loss from scalp infections may be temporary or permanent depending on the degree of damage.

Other causes of hair loss in kids can be traction alopecia and trauma to the individual. Traction alopecia is a condition where the hair is consistently rubbed or pulled, resulting in stress at the hair shaft. Hair will then cease to grow in the spot frequently disturb or the hair has a tendency to break of cease to grow due to pressure of hairstyles.

Other ways that you as a parent can help prevent your child from hair loss is by being careful when styling their hair. For teenagers, encourage them to practice hair-friendly styles. Hair follicles are sensitive. With too much pulling and tugging, they will come out.

Treatments for Hair Loss
Allopathy medicine has quite a few treatments for hair loss, which are listed below.
1. Minoxidil - this medicine prescribed for blood pressure is prescribed for hair loss too. Apply the medicine on your scalp. Effectiveness is 10-20%. Hair loss will come back once you stop using the medicine.
2. Finasteride - this medicine usually prescribed for prostrate enlargement is handy treatment against hair loss. Temporary loss of libido and lowered quality of semen are the usual side effects of using this medicine. Women shall not use this, as it can cause the women to give birth to handicapped child.
Hair loss is not only restricted to people of middle age or old age, it may even strike children. Although percentage of children suffering from hair loss is comparatively very less than adults afflicted with it, an incredible number of American kids are facing trauma of untimely hair loss from scalp. And this number is increasing day by day.

There are some health issues that can cause hair loss in children. Seeing their friends again after this event can be very traumatic. Having the teacher explain the problem to the class before the child arrives can be very helpful.
There are a variety of medical conditions that can cause childhood hair loss or alopecia. Here are some of the causes:

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