Cosmetics, a historic phenomenon

By: sam lowe | Posted: 21st October 2009

Cosmetics are roughly defined as substances that enhance or promote the appearance of the human body and have been around for many thousands of years. This article will look at cosmetics over the years, their different types, and their attraction to past and modern societies.

Cosmetics have been used by a variety of cultures over many thousands of years. As early as ancient Egypt substances were used to cosmetic effect, but it is also thought that cosmetics were in use during the ancient Roman and Greek periods. Each culture has used them for ceremonial use and for their beautifying effects. This shows not only a rich history of cosmetic techniques and understanding has been created, but also a suggestion that societies have placed a value on visual beauty for many years.

Cosmetics come in many shapes and sizes, from the traditional lotions and lipsticks to face creams, hand creams, eye creams, deodorants, butters, hair gels, hand and toe nail polishes, perfumes, sun blocks, hair sprays, antiperspirants, moisturisers, and so on. As you can see, this is a huge industry employing thousands, and selling products to almost everyone in the commercialised world.

‘Make-up' is a subset of cosmetic products, they are exclusively to do with enhancing the face. These are perhaps the most well known cosmetic products and higher profile items are often supported by huge advertising campaigns. These advertising campaigns are a huge factor in building the products brand in an extremely competitive marketplace, often featuring celebrity endorsement and sumptuous budgets they have become extremely important to cosmetic manufactures. This linking with public figures has been a tremendously successful venture in recent times, featuring a well known celebrity in the advert will certainly help sell the product.

Semichem is a popular and well regarded cosmetics retailer in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and now the north of England. They don't just sell cosmetics, but also other health and beauty products such as Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume and Hugo Boss Aftershave all at great prices.

Cosmetics have been popular and important to many cultures throughout the ages, their relevance still valid today. Enormous importance is placed on visual attractiveness within today's society and cosmetics, especially makeup, have become established as a day to day routine for many. This trend certainly doesn't look like changing, in fact some might suggest that these traditionally feminine products are now becoming more and more targeted at men. With this huge new potential market opening cosmetics look set to become even more common in modern life.About the Author
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