India: An interesting subject for Hollywood movies

By: jasmine | Posted: 16th October 2009

We Indians are always fascinated with things having ‘foreign' essence. Foreign clothes, foreign cosmetics, food, tourist spots, Hollywood films and all other things always seem much better to us than what our country offers us. But the funny thing is foreigners never make the mistake of ignoring things that India has got. It is makes me very sad to say that foreigners or international people value our country's beauty, culture, society, religion, people much more than we do and that has been proved repeatedly by Hollywood movies.

Remember the classis ‘ Gandhi' made by Richard Attenborough? Based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, The Father of The Nation, it is one of the best movies made on Indian subject of all times. Not only Gandhi, but India and its people have features in several other Hollywood movies made in different times. In the recent times. India has attracted foreign filmmakers more than the previous decades. Who can forget the success of provide Slumdog Millionare that stormed the Academy Awards night last year. I think there's not even a single person who does not know what the subject of the movie was. A few years back, superhit onscreen and offscreen pair Brad Pitt and Angelina Zolie came to India for canning scenes of their movie and very recently we have seen Julia Roberts doing the same. In her next movie, the Oscar winning actress will be portraying a woman, who stays in an Indian ashram. This proves, how much serious the Hollywood filmmakers are about India.

Very recently, Big-b, the icon of Bollywood will start shooting for a Hollywood movie where he will be sharing screen with provide Ben Kingsley, the man who portrayed Gandhi in Richard Attenborrough's movie. This shows, that Hollywood does not only valu India as a subject but they also respect the talent of the Indian actors and actresses. Anil Kapoor's presence in Slumdog Millionaire, Amrish Puri in Indiana Zones and Shashi Kapoor in some provide Hollywood movies are just example of that.

Actually India is such a colorful country that people who stay far from it get more fascinated. There is a phrase in English "nearest to the church, farthest from the God". Same is the case for us, the Indians. As we have got everything very close to us we often fail to recognize their actual value.
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