Green Power Solutions (part three)

By: Phobos | Posted: 16th October 2009

Green Power Solutions Part Three: Using Wind Turbines to Power Your Home

Using windmills can be a great way to power your home, but without a good supply of wind at the right speed, there wouldn't be much point in trying to use this method of generating green power. So, the first thing to look at when considering the installation and use of wind turbines is where you live, more specifically the amount and speed of wind in your area.
The ideal average wind speed is 12MPH, and of course the greater the amount of wind, the better.

Here are some links you can use to check out the Wind Charts corresponding to your area, listed according to country:




UK or Europe

If the average wind speed in your area is above 8MPH, you can continue reading about the other aspects one needs to consider for a wind energy conversion.
If you have found that your area of residence is unsuitable for using windmills, consider using Solar Panels instead.

Some Wind Turbine Considerations

Once you've decided that wind energy is suitable for your area, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself, to ensure you choose a wind power system that fits your requirements. This is especially important if you plan to live entirely off the grid.

Your Power Needs

The first thing to consider is just how much energy you need - Do you simply want to reduce your energy bill with a single windmill? Or would you like to power your entire home?
If you're looking to power your whole home, you'll need to take the time to calculate your actual power requirements. If you take the time to download Earth 4 Energy, their guide includes instructions on how to do this as well as a calculator for this purpose. You'll need this guide anyway.

Storing Energy from Wind Turbines

Depending on the answer to your first question, you now need to think about a storage system for the energy that your windmills will be generating.
You can store as much, or as little, as you need with a simple array of batteries. If you're only looking to reduce you bills, this is may be less of a concern to you, but, if you intend to live entirely off the grid you will definitely need an energy storage system.
You'll want to figure out how much power you need to store, and for how long, by using your previous calculations, when planning the energy storage section of your wind energy system. For example, in times where there is less than the usual amount of wind, you'll want to have a battery array that can hold a large enough supply of energy to get you through.
Reducing your energy needs before hand will also be a great help here - see my first article in this series for tips on this.

Having a Backup Plan

This is for those of us that wish to live entirely off the grid.
For most people, a consistent supply of power is essential, so having a backup power source is a smart idea. Most often, the choice here is a small gas generator. Just make sure yours will be sufficient for your energy requirements.

Once again, I include the best links I know of for those wishing to Go Green. Here they are:

1) Green Power Easy - I believe this to be the best site out there for those wishing to save on their energy bills by converting their home to run on green power. Follow the link and see!

2) Going Green - This page has expertly written reviews on 5 of the best options available in terms of green power. Take a look, take your pick!

3) HHO Conversions - OK, this one's not about green power for homes, but for those looking to save money and preserve our earth, this site has expert reviews on how to convert your car to run on fuel and hydrogen gas. For the environmentally-conscious driver, it's definitely worth a look!

Thanks again for reading this article! There will be one more to complete this series on Green Power Solutions. Be sure to check it out, especially if you've decided to use Wind Power for your conversion project!
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