Should you go for normal or giclee printing?

By: Canvasdezign | Posted: 09th October 2009

In past few years Giclee prints have gained more importance the normal prints. However, there are still many people who prefer normal canvas prints over giclee prints for a number of reasons. The canvas pictures which people want to get printed can be done through both ways but it really depends on the person's choice that what type of print he/she wants.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Normal Printing

Normal printing is the method of printing which most of the canvas printing services are using for the canvas prints from photos. There are only few advantages of using normal printing for your canvas pictures. The first advantage is that you don't have to pay a lot of money to get this type of printing and you can easily find the printing service offering this service near your house which means you don't have to travel a lot for your canvas prints.


This type of printing is full of disadvantages. This article will discuss only the few main ones which are very important to be considered if you are going to have canvas prints from photos. The quality of the canvas print from normal printing is not at all good and you can hardly use it in your living room and show it to everyone who is going to visit your house. You can only use these canvas prints in your own room where only friends are going to sit. It is better to avoid normal printing because you will never get satisfied with the quality you are going to get with it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Giclee Printing

Giclee printing is basically done through computers using inkjets printers ensuring the high quality of canvas prints from photos. Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using giclee prints for your canvas pictures.


Giclee prints are full of advantages are considered far better than the normal canvas prints. Giclee prints are really fast which means that you want to decorate your house for some upcoming even and you want some canvas with beautiful designs on them then you can go for giclee prints without any hesitation as you will get your printed canvas pictures in less than a day from the giclee printing service. The speed of giclee prints can not be matched with normal prints in any way.
Another great advantage of giclee prints is that their quality is very high and your canvas pictures can be used anywhere in the home. The inkjet printers produce really fast and high quality canvas prints.


There is only one disadvantage of the giclee prints which is that these type of prints are usually priced higher than the normal prints because of the fast delivery and the high quality of your canvas pictures. However, if you want canvas pictures all over the house then you can also request a discount from the printing service which can save you money on giclee prints.

About Us :- Photos onto canvas were made with high quality printer inks and it improved the look and feel of the photographs printed. These photos onto canvas were more professional in their appearance and appealing too. Photos onto Canvas have a long life when compared to other ones.
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