Understanding Role of Third Party Reproduction Basically

By: baby2mom | Posted: 24th September 2009

There's some thing to be said for being naturally fertile, but for the rest a process of understanding fertility terminology and the various types of fertility treatment including the assistance of third party reproduction. Options range from ivf, egg donation, surrogacy,artifiial insemination donor, hormone treatments and other types of intervention all in the interests of obtaining a pregnancy. Infertile people will go to great lengths to fulfil dreams of becoming parents.

Egg donation involes a screened egg donation donor availing herself to have her eggs retrieved and donated to the recipient of these donor eggs because they either have no eggs, have poor quality eggs, cannot use their eggs for genetic reasons or would be at risk or the egg donation recipient may be male - with or without a partner.

Surrogacy involves another woman carrying the pregnancy - this can be traditional or gestational. The latter implies the woman only carries the pregnancy without the use of her eggs. Traditional surrogacy entails impregnation and fertilisation of eggs inside the body. This can be artificial insemination donor or artificial insemination with the father's sperm. A single woman may also opt for the artificial insemination option with a donor.

Because the involvement of additional people in assisting recipients to get pregnant is more complex and involves greater emotional considerations and often more challenging and difficult situations, a third party reproduction agency is called upon to facilitate the fertility treatment involving egg donors, sperm donors and surrogates. An experienced egg donation agency will be an expert in the field of third party reproduction to guide egg donations, surrogacy solutions and offer relevant input.

baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme Programme - www.baby2mom.co.za facilitates South African egg donation programs, is experienced in hundreds of egg donor programs, can guide and find a suitable artificial insemination donor and give expertise in the field of surrogacy as well as find a suitable surrogate for third party reproduction fertility treatment. Egg donations are more frequently considered than surrogacy solutions, but baby2mom Egg Donation Agency will be able to assist recipients based on their unique fertility needs.
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