Planning Your Children's Halloween Party with the Right Party Supplies

By: John Penn | Posted: 16th September 2009

Smaller children would surely look forward to a Halloween party that is active, fun, creative and not so scary. Keeping the children entertained over the course of the affair could seem like a daunting task but it can be achieved by planning ahead and having fun along with them. Party supplies such as disposable plates, napkins, and silverware should be bought in large enough supply so that there will be extra for multiple uses.

Decorations: For smaller children, keep the decorations for your Halloween party fun and cute. This allows smaller children to relax and enjoy the atmosphere which should be full of whimsy and magic rather than spooky. Hanging crepe paper ghosts and monsters from the ceiling is fine so long as they aren't gruesome and are accompanied by other softer Halloween party supplies like jack-o-lanterns, spiders and witches as well. You could also add foil stars or a variety of Harry Potter decorations to the mix along with streamers and a well placed broom or two. Party supplies stores are a good source for most decorations, shop around at retail stores and online for bargains and a larger variety of party supplies.

Refreshments: You can have quite a bit of fun with these. Children adore gooey things, so making a few snacks that keep this in mind can really add some fun. It doesn't have to be complex. A few gummy worms thrown into chocolate pudding cups is a good option for something simple as is peeled grapes with a cinnamon dot or other candy affixed to it to simulate eyes. If you do feel up to something more adventurous you could make a cake shaped like a spider with black liquorices for legs or sponge cakes pumped with raspberry filling and dressed up like little bugs (cupcakes would also do nicely for this). Serving fun treats like these with snack crackers or chips and punch can help keep it simple for the kids. If you re dealing with severe time constraints you could also make it a pizza party if there aren't too many guests.

Entertainment: What would a Halloween party be without a few energetic games? You can use more traditional ones like bobbing for apples or come up with scavenger hunts for the kids. Musical chairs with Halloween party music can also be fun or a gross food guessing game using bowls or bags of different food items. For smaller children it might be fun to sing songs or play imagination games like "going on a spooky hunt". It's also fun to tell scary stories (as long as the little ones aren't too scared) and get together some adults to hold a mini trick or treat in your neighborhood.

As long as you keep the children active and having fun it should be a successful party and a fun Halloween party for all. Don't let the planning and organizing process intimidate you, children are generally relaxed and will work with you if you give them something fun to do.

Are you planning a children's Halloween party? Getting the right party supplies in advance from wholesale suppliers will ensure that you have plenty of money leftover for a post Halloween treat.
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