24meg broadband with unlimited usage and best deals on non-geographic numbers for your business.

By: sean | Posted: 11th September 2009

CommsQuote.com offers up to 24meg broadband with unlimited usage, they also have packages for medium users down to low users.
CommsQuote.com also has access to a wide range of broadband providers to find the best service to suit the needs of your business.
Broadband seems like a simple product, but there can be many factors that affect the speed of the connection such as the contention ratio. The contention ratio is the amount of people that share your broadband connection from the BT exchange to your home or office.
You can also purchase a static ip address for your broadband connection that will allow you to do a vast amount of networking features in your office and on the internet, such as remote access to your computer.
A lot of people use the internet for many different things such as, browsing for information, looking at facebook or bebo, sending emails, advertising their business.
CommsQuote.com can help you to find what you are looking for, from your new broadband connection and can even help you to connect wirelessly.
CommsQuote.com can provide and search for the best deals on non-geographic numbers for your business.
Non-geographic numbers come in many forms such as 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 and 090 numbers and each number can attract revenue to that number.
Earning revenue from each number means that every time someone calls your telephone number, you can be earning money from their calls.
0844 numbers can cost up to 5p a minute to call with 090 numbers costing up to £1.50 a minute to call. To find out how much revenue you can be earning contact commsquote.com today.
Non-geographic numbers are not just numbers that sit on top of a landline number either. With a non-geographic number you can perform such features as fax to email, voicemail, call queuing and many more.
Non-geographic numbers sit on top of your current landline number and can make your business look more professional and larger. For more information Please visit http://www.commsquote.com
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